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Jun 25, 2003
Hi everyone.

In the past few months I have recieved 7 offers of a bonus if I make a deposit at a microgaming casino.
Every time I have lost my bonus, deposit and in some cases more money.

I do not take big risks and play reasonably well.
I do expect to loose money sometimes, but not so often as this.
Sometimes I just go on a stong loosing streak at this casino and loose all the money very quickly.

In my experience with microgaming they have always been fair until this casino.

Is it possible the casino has rigged its software, or is this strong run of bad luck to be expected every so often?
TrueGambler has posted a study suggesting that Microgaming BJ is rigged. I have decided to delay a personal decision on that until later when, hopefully, some other experts wade in.

The possibility of cheating aside, big swings are possible and much more likely than many people imagine. You also state that you play 'reasonably well'. There is no reason for you not to play perfectly all the time. Find the appropriate basic strategy at a site like the wizard of odds, print it out and leave it beside you when you play. You also state that in some instances you lost your bonus and in some cases more money. That statement might suggest that you are chasing losses, a habit you might want to deal with. Lastly, watch out for those 'other games'. A few rounds playing war or let it ride might seem like a fun distraction at the time but you are much more likely to burn through your bonus and even you deposit playing them.

And remember, even when you are playing BJ perfectly the casino does have the advantage. You will lose in the long term the bonuses are there to let you play longer (casino logic).

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Which casino were you playing at and which game(s)? I've played at a few and had exactly the same experience. Curious if its one of the same ones.
Im sure the non-random play by MG casinos BJ is not specific to a few of their casinos, but blanketed across all of them.
He never said he was playing BJ though, so I'd still like to know what & where.

Thanks for your help.

Yes it was black jack I was playing.

The casino was River Nile.
Was that one of the casinos you have had trouble with?
I have not played at any of River Nile sister casinos though. I cannot say I am tempted to either.

Just speaking from my own expereince I do not think the other microgaming casinos playing black are rigged in anyway.
It just seems to be this one casino that plays badly for me.

All the best
Thanks for the followup coulthard. River Nile was actually ok for me. I think I made a few $$ there.

The standard 'european' blackjack does play the same way at all the microgaming casinos. I don't trust it and won't play it. Try a viper casino that has one of the 4 or 5 other flavors of blackjack if you really want to continue playing bj at microgaming.
Euro BJ is plauyed by the dealer NOT checking for BJ until it is his turn to draw. In other words if you get AA and he face card you would decide to hit or split and THEN the dealer would check for BJ. If he has BJ you lose both your bets. Any double or split bet is lost if dealer has BJ. I think the only advantage you get is that you can hit split aces.
I have just gone through my records and I have now played 10 different bonuses at river nile and I have lost my deposit and bonus every time. Most of the time I do not even make the minimum requirement before I lose all the money.
As far as I am concerned river nile blackjack is rigged.
I will never play there again or trust microgaming.
I used to trust microgaming totally, now I have very little confidence left in them.
River nile never I mean never play there dam right they are rigged. Swings have nothing to do with it, I lost almost every single hand, playing almost if not perfect bs.The only mg ones I cashed out winngns was i believe riverbelle and vegas country. Avoid river nile the 150 bonus match is the red flag in this case.

Personally I'd give up on bj if I was you, seems that where ever you play, you think the games are rigged. Maybe your just a bad bj player, sorry.
Fortunaltly I am. I know and uusally playl alost perfect bs. I know how to count cards although online that is not as good as land based ones. It does help me predict which hands I am more likely to win though.
Fortunaltly I am. I know and uusally playl alost perfect bs. I know how to count cards although online that is not as good as land based ones. It does help me predict which hands I am more likely to win though. I take that back in fact I have faired better online than land based ones.

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