Evil Spammers


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May 15, 2003
Oswego NY
Nothing makes me more mad than finding spammers from all different countries emailing me as if I'm stupid. I have had a few replies as I've said things Like "our country is at war and I don't deal with Foriegn Governments your email has been sent to the CIA and so on and so forth..."
My newest tactic is to Print the full header, report the spam and block it....usually yahoo will stop them shortly but then they are sent from any other availanle sight...I have rec'd spam from Nigerians, Somalians, Lybians, Argentinians, Columbians and the newest scam is for a winning lotto ticket for a lottery in Spain I never entered...(wanting my account number of course) I was to hold on to the claim number because there had been a mixup in the vault...yeah right......anyway what I do now is foreward the wayward email back to the webmaster of the site it was sent from...I have noticed a reduction in my evil spam now........but still am getting porn and penis enlargement products...(I don't even HAVE a penis)......winning a battle but not the war...Lefemme2


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Feb 12, 2003
The Sonora
Yeh, I'm sick of the penis enlargement spam too, but can't seem to detour it. The only penis in my possession is co-owned by my husband and it doesn't need a remodel. What-other than an act of God-could enlarge one anyway? (Rhetorical, please don't answer.)


Jan 12, 2001
Speaking of desperate...


It is my privilege to contact you and seek your cooperation over this matter. I am Mrs. Li Wen Hua from Mainland China presently resident in Accra-Ghana in West Africa where I run a Chinese restaurant.

Recently, one of my esteemed customers; a highly placed government official approached me and asked me to use my position as a foreigner and foreign connections to introduce him to a credible foreign businessman who will assist him to export and market a substantial quantity of gold and diamond which is classified under the conflict minerals status of the United Nations.

These minerals are highly discounted and he wants to enter into an agreement with you whereby you take control of the export and marketing of the minerals in your country or elsewhere. Mind you that there is some sanctions on the sales of these minerals by the United Nations but my friend wish to use your connections to effect the sales and he is willing to give you an attractive discount to take care of you for this service.

I accessed your information and address on the Internet hoping
that you will be the right contact for this opportunity. Hoping that you will find it of interest to you.

Upon your acceptance of this offer, I will then introduce my contact to you for a more detailed
communication and modalities of engagement.
Meanwhile you can reach me by email and do send me
your contact telephone number for my principal to call


Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Li Wen Hua


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Dec 14, 2001
Sending a copy of the above email to your loacl FBI office might produce some interesting results.