Everymatrix has no standards when accepting new clients?


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Jan 22, 2013
Larnaca, Cyprus, Cyprus
Recently I've come across two (well, three) casinos that I cannot for the life of me understand how they are allowed to continue operations.

First we have Royalbloodclub - a casino that offers a 25% up to €1000 signup bonus, with a max win of €1000 when playing with bonus funds. So basically if a player deposits €4000 and gets a €1000 bonus, the most they can cash out is €5000, but they can lose their €4000 deposit (and likely will since the whole balance is locked up while having the bonus). This has been confirmed by Royalbloodclub as recently as today.

Secondly there's Rembrandtcasino and Casinosieger - casinos licensed, by own admission, in Costa Rica who don't even ask for the players' addresses before allowing them to deposit. Surely this must break some kind of money laundering regulation?

Both these operations are part of the Everymatrix platform and offer Netent games, so basically my question is - don't Everymatrix/Netent have any sort of standards when accepting new operators. Is it just to pay them the startup fee and get going?