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Feb 7, 2014
New Zealand
Have had issues with this casino, did not find any info about it being rogue before playing (searched web and here).

Have made around 10 deposits totalling about $2500 there as they seemed to have attractive bonuses.

Made one single withdrawal and have not been paid since December 26th.

1. They do not have professional newsletters or communication sent to players, the only emails I got were written in plain (broken) English and said that I had a huge vip bonus - I deposited and lost with most of these.
2. They only seem to have a few support staff (about 4), all of which answer suspiciously similarly and in broken English.
3. They never answer emails sent to [email protected]
4. Their Marvel jackpots were broken (down) 9/10 times I played there (have not had such experience at other Playtech casinos).
5. They keep lying and going back on their own word, e.g. I was told by one guy to come back in 3 hours to talk to a more technical guy, I came back and 'online support' button was not even available for the next few hours, after that they said the technical support guy was not available again.
6. They couldn't alter the currency of my account after multiple attempts and I was forced to keep paying/playing in one I didn't wish to.
7. They have not paid me since December 26th - I have kept coming back every week and asking for updates, they keep telling me 'you will have your money soon', first they said I'd have it in January right after I withdrew, then they said 2 weeks, then they said they had technical problems, then the technical problems were resolved, then they said next week, then in 72 hours, then again next week, now they just say 'we are doing our best, you will have your money soon', and basically it's been 8 weeks since withdrawal and I've pretty much lost hope for getting any money from them :(


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Jun 5, 2009
Okay, don't see the particular relevance though.

You don't?

When I search for a casino on this site and I find such info about their lying rep, I might consider not to deposit there. ;)

All "bad" casinos haven't reached the rogue list yet, try the search engine.

The good part is, that you still can PAB against them if they don't are Rogued. :)


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May 22, 2012
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Right thanks.

Does this post count as PAB or is that a special type of post?

Use the above link to PAB but check the site or its group is not on the NCD (no-can-do) list first or you'll be wasting Max's and your own time.

Remember if you do initiate a PAB aside from commenting on the status to update readers, you must not comment on the details or specifics as it becomes a private matter until resolved.

P.S. Maphesto beat me to it...

99XB WR, Playtech, Curacao, Weekly cashout limits don't usually spell confidence where I'm sitting.
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Mar 27, 2012
Shaman, get your PAB sorted, you might get paid.
I`ve seen other Europlay complaints, and they seem to pay, when pushed.

And btw, please, next time don`t deposit repeatedly, when you see red flags.
Broken english? Big no.

Rule of thumb. Huge bonus, bad casino.

Anyway, good luck.


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Mar 15, 2014
betty ford clinic
did they pay?

i am waiting for 1266€ since october 2014 ;-)

think they didnt even dream about someone could meet their wagering requirements and waste players money for sex drugs and rockn roll as soon as its deposited...