eurogrand waits for u to cash in to block your account!!


Dormant account
Feb 28, 2005
simply like that, I deposited 20$ to get a 5$ just to try their casino, played a while, no problem, cashed in not much, just 21$ after a couple of day...

they simply closed my account, and after my emails they explained that the system automatically blocked my account for reason they cannot really define, from their email:

With regards to your query, our administration system is completely automated
and has declined your account.

The reason for this may be due to a number of reasons including (but not
limited to) the following:

1. Previous activity in the gaming industry and/or affiliated casinos

2. Previous activity with regards to banking and/or credit card systems

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused, but our system will not
be able to maintain your account. We are unable to further assist you, and we
thank you for your initial interest in our software.

And about your deposits, it will be refunded to you. We are handling this
matter and we will update you for its status via email.

why they dont close my account just after opening it?it so tricky, what if i lose my deposit, they give it back to me?
I dont think so...
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Negative Database

Either you breached their terms in a fraudulent way, or they have you on a negative database.
I can see no other reason why they would make such a song and dance over $1 (they want to nip any potential for fraud before it even starts).

You should still get the original $20 back, some players have lost far far more due to such issues, including innocent ones.
if they have me in a negative database why dont they close my accoun thas sson as i open it?closing ity after days and days, after i request a cash in is tricky...consider that i deposited only 20$ but wjhat would have happened if i deposit 200$ and lost them?they let me play one week in order to check if i lose my deposit, and if i win they return my deposit?
Thanks for your post Milano. I believe it is very unfair that a casino automatically bans & holds winnings because of their automated system. Also that they fail to give you a better reason for their actions that is not far from rogue. If the player had lost, would they have given his money back? ABSOLUTELY NOT If the player wins, BAN HIM & refund money. The player is NOT ABLE TO WIN at the casino in any case, and the casino ALWAYS wins. At most the player will get this money back after wasting a lot of his time.

This is a nice concept though, let them play and lose, and if they happen to win, refund their deposits. The accounting department at the casinos must be happy. Don't give the player a reason, tell it is an automatic procedure that can not be affected. I remember Casinomeister saying that Casino's most important role is to secure that winners get paid - it's a good business and advertisement to them. Apparently Eurogrand is not paying close attention to this fact.

I would NOT recommend playing at Eurogrand's. What if you were next, hit a nice big jackpot and was refused to pay because of their automated system. Let's say you win $2000 with a $100 deposit and they refuse to pay you.

This reminds me of Brandy Casino, which also uses automatic systems to prevent players from winning. This is another Playtech that can be found at Caruso's out-dated Playtech Nightmare list. Too bad I didn't do better research prior depositing - I hope you do:
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