Euro Partners (Europa Casino..) chat is lying at you


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just be warned, that the chat in Casino Tropez, Europa Casino, Vegas Red, Bellini, Craps a.s.o. is lying about the wagering requirements of their bonuses.
Not, one time, I had this 3 times on one day now and before, I had this at least 2 times, but always thought it would just be a mistake.

But now it's quite clear, that they do this as their system of getting people to deposit. They say 8 times, when its 15 times. And say 15 times, when its 25 times...

And if you complain, you just get NO answer at all!!

I think they become a more and more rogue theese days.

They even dont care about, if you send them the complete chat transscript, nothing...

I ALWAYS ask before I take a bonus, what are the wagering requirements and copy all the stuff to a text file, but if you just get a BIG FAT LIE, I cannot trust them anymore.


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I am a member of Casino Tropez and the customer support has always seemed good. I've never personally experienced bad service from them.

But I however haven't experienced the customer support of those other casinos you mention in that group....

I am a VIP member there and the wagering requirements used to be 5X deposit and bonus and any games counted towards playthrough... then it went up to 10X... and now it is up to 15X... I guess eventually it will be 30X... and no different than the playthrough for a new player... bit crap really.

I did ask them to remove all automatic bonuses from my account. Not because of confusion over wagering requirements, but simply because I don't like playing with bonuses. they're annoying, I find trying to fulfill a playthrough target tedious and kills the fun. And when I want to cash out, I don't like being told I can't because I'm trapped by wagering requirements. But this is the way with pretty much every bonus in every casino nowadays... except some microgaming casinos which use the excellent easy bonus system, where you can cash out your deposit and winnings even if you haven't met playthrough at the cost of losing your bonus, now that is the best system...

The only problem I have with casino tropez is the withdrawals take too long to process... will ask them to flush the next one and see what their reaction is, if they say no, I will probably stop playing there. As I really hate that reverse withdrawal feature, it is evil...

The other thing is, and I'm not entirely sure if this is correct, but I believe you're only allowed to cash out a maximum of $5000 a month which is pish... doesn't bother someone like me because I'm a low roller... but if I was a high roller I wouldn't bother playing there...

I mean what happens if you win the progressive on Beach life, you have to hope they keep paying you your $5000 checks each month... well dodgy if you ask me, people should be able to cashout as much as they like, and if a casino can't cover the cost, they shouldn't be a casino...
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Well, Casino Tropez was the same this time. I even have a promo mail, where it says the WR is 15 times bonus + deposit, but they dont care.

Only I won even more at CT, when I played with the reversed withdrawal money, so...

But this is a BIG problem of this group, the chat just says ANYTHING, just to keep you calm.

AND, if you, lets say, have a 200% bonus and even ask before depositing if its valid, nearly ALWAYS, it doesn't come automatic, but you get a 30% (or so) bonus and the rest has to credited manually. AND THAN, they say theese are 2 bonuses, LOLOLOLOLOL -> wagering goes UP UP UP