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Sep 28, 2018
New Zealand
Hi everyone,

I have been using Emu Casino quite a bit lately. have deposited a lot but haven yet withdrawn anything. I like the live Blackjack. I dont whinge about my losses however today is an exception. On two instances I thought the process of live blackjack was bizarre.

In one hand the dealer had 6 and one player had 11. That player was temporarily disconnected so his hand was a stand. I stood on 19. The dealer won on 20. If the players hand was hit which it clearly would have been in most casino' automatically we would both won and the dealer bust.

In another hand a player had 20. He hit by mistake, more than likely due to options being microscopic. He bust with 30.

In standard online blackjack you get promoted if you make a mistake, ie if you hit on 20 it prompts you asking if you are sure.
In land based casinos they also would ask if your sure and for the most part automatically hit on 3-9 and confirm if you want to double on a 10 or 11.

I complained about this on live chat and they said it was the company that ran the live casino that had these procedures. I went to their live blackjack rules etc and there was no mention of this at all. I told the live chat rep that it was pretty ordinary and I may make a complaint and his response was if I make a complaint they will suspend my account and i cant play there which I thought was piss poor considering I have been a loyal customer.

Has anyone else experienced this type of thing with live Black?



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Feb 11, 2013
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As a general rule not many of the Live Casino suppliers provide prompting when you're playing blackjack. There were a couple that would compare your planned action against standard strategy and would query if you deviated from standard play, but those providers either no longer exist or operate only in the grey markets.

I agree it's a useful feature, especially for players starting out with online live casino play or new players learning the game.

Do you know hat supplier you were playing? I have contacts at all the suppliers so can pass on your thoughts to them when i next speak with them.

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