Duty to protect?


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Sorry - I've edited this post out of existance, having got an answer elsewhere. Thanks.

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on the same subject...

Item 7 of the Interactive Gaming Council's Code Of Conduct, which all members have agreed to adhere to states:

IGC members will implement adequate procedures to identify and curtail compulsive gambling. The procedures instituted shall include posted loss limits, and provision of referral and direct access to help and counseling organizations.

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Is a posted loss limit a feature where the player can set their own maximum deposit limit? I know at least one IRC member casino which has no feature to set any kind of daily/weekly/monthy/annual deposit limit. Also when looking at the IRC code of conduct that casinos display on their own sites, many choose to just quote the first sentence and say nothing about posted loss limits.

Unlike reality casinos which have had, in a number of lawsuits, somewhat of a defense in court when claiming can not be expected to follow each player in their casino and keep totally accurate and detailed info each player's spending whilst there, for internet casinos its much easier to track compulsive gambling patterns and tendencies. I don't think any of them take this obligation to monitor and analyze gambling patterns which suggest a player might be getting out of control and developing serious compulsive gambling problems.


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rainman is correct. Lasseter's, regulated by the Northern Territory of Australia, has self-exclusion and is required to have monitoring.

That's it. Online casinos can argue that they have no way of knowing anyone's net worth; one person's compulsive spending is another's pocket change.