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Jun 1, 2008
Has anyone tried this casino?
I haven't read anything about it on here before.
You can play roulette on live tables in a live b&m casino. And can see people placing their bets on the table.
You never clearly see the numbers on the roulette wheel until it zooms in at the end. And the actual image of the roulette wheel is in a seperate window in the corner of the live video screen. So could easily be rigged. I don't think it is though.

The bets are expensive. 10 on outside bets. Too expensive for me. So I played the double streets which are 0.50 a bet.

I did play there and won a small amount and the withdrawal was processed in 24 hours.

I think it must be open 24/7 cause one night when I couldn't sleep I logged in at
04.30 in the morning and the place was still busy with people placing bets. One thing that really got me was the sight of someone's face turning to the camera when their bet lost. It was just total despair and inner agony. Hands reaching in pockets to see if he had anymore money to play with... I really felt for that guy.
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