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Aug 10, 2018
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I only started playing there recently. They had me do a phone interview. They asked me to send my identity with me holding it. Now they asked me today to send my passport with me holding it. I’ve done all of that.

I’m just afraid that this is behavior indicative of a website like 1xBet that does not pay.
From a quick look around the interwebs they'll probably pay but you'll have to be patient and go through a couple more verifications. And I would be surprised if they pay the whole sum in one go.

Yes it certainly looks like you’re correct. I have no reason to PAB at this point. They asked me to do my passport one more time and I obliged. They accepted the results. The maximum you can cash out in one go is 1000€. So if you want to do 50,000€ you have to do 50 separate transactions.

They will only withdraw 5k a week and 20k a month. They’re claiming they cannot do Neteller, so I have to do bank transfer. I have no idea why this website has had such problems with Neteller for German players, but whatever... I will await to inform when I finally get some money from them. I assume it will just be a long drawn out process.
Do they have a rep on the forums? They claim Neteller doesn’t work To withdraw, which I believe because for some reason German players can’t use it on their website (seems very odd to me).

But I submitted SOFORT withdrawals and so far nothing. I’ve completed all their steps and have fallen on deaf ears. I’m really concerned they won’t pay out.
Been a month and I’ve had 14,000€ processed. Quite a way from my 52,000€ balance. This is taking a lot longer than I would’ve hoped and wish I could’ve at least gotten the 20k out before the end of January.
Not the most transparent process out there. However, they are paying and I can’t complain that they’re doing a good enough job. They won’t tell me when they’ll process the transactions. Only that they will do 1,000 a day, 5,000 a week, and 20,000 a month. I have gotten it in chunks of 4,000, which is odd, but better than nothing.

Assuming they keep the current rate up I should have my balance paid out in full to me in about 6-8 weeks from originally requesting it (January 5th). Not ideal, but they do pay it appears to be.
It sucks to have that low withdrawal limits but at least they are paying your winnings like stated in their T&C:s.
What I don’t get is why some websites who will pay you, pay you so slowly? So they end up paying you your full balance over six to twelve months. So they piss off a good customer (high roller) for paying slowly, and in the process payout all that money they won’t see again because the customer won’t come back? Why not just pay out quickly if they’re going to eventually pay? I could never figure this one out. Sure they’re hoping you play it back, but when it’s apparent a player is not going to play it back why not just give in after a month or two?

I’m happy they’re paying me, but I’m confused why some of these website use this payout strategy? Does it have to do with interest they collect on bank accounts?
Some of them may not have enough available funds to make a big lump-sum payout. Essentially new stakes fund the winnings over time.

Some want you to play the money rather than pay out.
Some of them may not have enough available funds to make a big lump-sum payout. Essentially new stakes fund the winnings over time.

Some want you to play the money rather than pay out.

They continue to pay 5k a week. So far I can’t complain.

Just out of curiosity for people who have been playing for awhile and know the websites. In your opinion on this specific website (Dublin) do you think that they don’t have the lump sum? Or they’re hoping I play it back? They’ve been around a long time, and I think they’re a legitimate operation AFAIK.

I know that people usually only will play at an MGA or whatever license they have as a favorite. With UK players being confined to the UKGC. But I’ve found in my experience that none of that matters if you’re outside the UK. It’s all a horse and pony show and an MGA license is no better than a Curaçao license IMHO. They’re both corrupt places with corrupt officials that will give you a license no matter how shoddy your operation is if you can pay up.

I’ve never gotten particular help from the MGA that made them so special. The best, and only real way I base off where I will play, is going off the reviews from players, and the valuable feedback they all provide. Input from this community, and elsewhere is really where you find a great site, and know how well you will be treated.

1xBet is a perfect example. They sponsor football clubs, are advertised on Neteller, yet they don’t pay people out from what I can tell thanks to all the feedback. Looks can be deceiving, do your homework.

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