Slow Pay Dublinbet (Casino Estrella)


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this is a casino where I occasionally play. Already verified, already been paid several times. Always using neteller as a depositing/cashing out system. Usually, a small withdrawal is taking 2 days maximum to be paid.

Last week on tuesday I did a small deposit (no bonus involved), and after about one hour -having doubled the starting amount - I decided to withdraw.

Yesterday I realized my w/l wasn't hitting my neteller account, so I opened the casino and I saw my small w/l as still pending/reversable.

I went to chat to ask why so long and I have been told that "we have several thousands of players, and of winners, and sometimes it takes longer than the usual 3 days. Actually it can take also 10 days, sometimes"

the CO added also that "during the weekend the payments team is not working" (and my comment is that this is right, they deserve some relax after having paid thousands of winners every day in the working week) :rolleyes:

so my last question was about the expected timing to see my money and the reply was "if you are not paid today (which was friday-yesterday), then it could be on next monday, or wednesday, who knows..."

well, being my w/l so small, I guess they are just trying to see if I reverse (now the money is still available for a reversal of course); I can't see any other financial issue.

Of course I am NOT reversing and I am pretty sure I'll be paid at the beginning of next week.

However, the last sentence of the CO was so irritating me that I felt right to share here this situation.

Final comment is that you can not even imagine my ENVY for the uk/european players who can enjoy the casinos of the CM accredited list.


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strangely, I have been paid about half an hour after having posted the above.
The CO yesterday stressed that the payment team is NOT working on the weekends.
Miracles. Sometimes happen.


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Is this a safe place to play? I usually deposit 10-20k€ and if I win 5x-10x should I expect to be paid?