Does ProCyber ever pay??????


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Jul 14, 2002
I'm posting here mostly because I am not sure where to turn with my accounts. I started playing online about two months ago. I started with mostly microgaming sites as I was advised that they were the quickest to pay with the best bonuses and the least hassles. Not only am I having hassles; I am starting to get really spooked that I will never see my money again.

I currently have seven accounts pending with different microgaming casinos. It started fairly innocently with me requesting cashouts, providing ACH information and expecting to receive my money within a week or so. After the first couple didn't send my money, I emailed asking what the deal was. It seemed at that point I started getting multiple excuses (ACH site being updated causing delay, oops we reversed your cashout, please resubmit, etc). The initial two cashouts were for Gaming Club then River Belle; both originally requested 6/8/02.

After nearly a month had passed with multiple emails, I received a really strange mail from Belle saying something about ProCyber requesting identity information to prevent "fraud". I sent email to ProCyber directly asking what the deal was as they had not sent any such request.

Within two days ProCyber sent requests for identity information for everything except my first born child. I was out of town for a few days and sent everything to them when I returned. I called them and asked if they received it; they confirmed they did and told me my accounts would be unlocked within 24 hours. That was on 7/9/02. Today I found all of my accounts still locked, and sent them email again.

Today they claim they didn't receive my fax and asked me to resend. I resent all info and received email confirmation that they did receive it.

What do I do now if accounts remain locked? They seem completely unconcerned that I am getting a bit distressed that they have had an approximate sum of $2000 locked up in cyberspace for the past 6 weeks.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is there any governing body to file a complaint with?

Thanks in advance for any assistance-


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Jul 13, 2002
Hou, Tx. USA
TO DS46: I feel your frustration about Proc Cyber. Once you start having a problem with them, they block you out of everything and blacklist you. My problem was with collecting money on River Belle and Gaming Club and no matter what they asked for, it still wasn't going to give me my money. After 2 years I gave up and they still have me blacklisted. You can try the Gaming Commission and start writing to everyone that handles websites that post these activities by the wrong doers out there. But it is hard to fight in cyber space and clear your name. Maybe you can get your bank involved if money was taken out of your credit cards or accounts. You are going to have to trash Proc Cyber in writing until someone gets the message. I am sorry for you because I went thru the same thing and I wrote everyone I could think to write to . Good luck and sorry for your troubles. :uhoh:


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Sep 14, 2001
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Proccyber has a long time reputation
as the most inept, clueless, incompetent
e-cash processor in the business.

The "only" redeeming quality they have
going for them, is that they are basically
honest. The level of incompetence you've
been subjected to, along with many others,
makes it easy to assume that they are out
to "screw" you.

If you keep after them, e-mail them constantly,
call them, (and that will exceed any level of
frustration you've ever endured)"eventually"
you should get your money.

Posting on message boards will not really
affect your situation, but may steer others
away from dealing with these idiots of Proccyber.

Good Luck!!


dear ds, I went through the exact same thing...finally my winnings were deposited in my account this has been sense early august....hang in there'''''''' ;) my husband thought for sure they were crook's he didn't want all that information sent to a questionable company...I talked to a friendly lady on the phone, she assured me they were not crooks and were most reputable, she suggested we look on various web sites to be reassured how honest they were. I did just that and found this great site amoung others....all had not too nice things to say about proc-cyber...but they did say you do get paid eventually''''


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Oct 6, 1999
Hmmm. It took from August until October to get your case resolved.

Proc Cyber's "EFFICIENCY" boiggles my mind.