Does Boss Media bore You? enjoy playing at Phoenix - !



I must compliment them.
A. offered welcome bonus up to $ 100 automatycally
B. offered very generous monthly and DEPOSIT bonuses
C. Cashed out and received deposit AND WINNINGS in Paypal 7 days and Credit Card 15 days

I signed up and deposited I got a $100 bonus on a $100 deposit and was required to playthrough x7 only.

They responded to my e-mails very promptly and assured me I'd still only have to play by the old rules even though they'd changed to terms.
I cashed out a very decent profit and the entire sum was returned to paypal inside 72hrs.

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I found this post on the Winner Online forum.

Over the last month we've seen quite a few posts from what appears to be happy phoenix-casino players.
However - I'm afraid we have yet to see the first REAL player from phoenix post anything positive on this casino "licensed by the government of Romania".

Earlier today I contacted the webmaster of a danish forum who also had a lot of positive posts on phoenix-casino.

All phoenix "players" we're posting from the same IP starting with 212.185.162

The IP-address of the phoenix-casino domainserver is

The accounts have been locked, the posts are removed and the IP-address has been banned

NEVER, EVER play at or it's sister

They don't have any happy players - so they have to make some up.

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