Trying a new casino is refreshing and stressful


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May 31, 2015
I had to share this with you guys. Makes me relax after an unexpected gaming experience. I am always complaining here so let's do something different.

My first try at was insane.
The best enjoyable sessions I had in a long time.

This is new to me to download an actual app designed by the casino for android. Usually, if offered an "app" like on casilando for example, it's a webpage and nothing more.

Blueprint games are smooth, colorful and never lagged or disconnected in 3 days. It feels different. I know it sounds weird but any of you try it.. I am not easy to please :) 1 sec lag and I am done usually.

I have thank the guy who called me because after registering at their sister site, I had technical errors trying to deposit. It took him an hour at least because when he called I was finished reading some complaints about them and I wasn't comfortable anymore.

He figured out how to convince me. Tried to help with tech problems. Suggested just to test if it worked. It didn't. I ended up having fun for 2 hours over the phone. He verified me right away since it was one of the condition if he wanted me to deposit and future action.

I took their welcome offer. Generous stuff but I can't play with bonus money. I think about terms instead of having fun. An agent offered another one but I told her to cancel it.

Their staff is fun to talk with. I was getting used to softswiss staff but I have to admit Bulgarian's are something.

So... After a total of a little more than 200$ in deposits, a dozen mobile sessions and some sweat, almost 5k pending for an e-transfer.

I received a bonus banned email not long after getting around 2k profit playing with cash funds and I was a little shocked. I am new there and I get scared easily. I guess when I go under the bonuses will come back. Still prefer not to.

4 days pending period is not something I am used to l. More like 0 minutes :)
Anyone have good or bad experience there?
I have a hard time having peace of mind right now.
After the money gets to my bank, I will start to breathe again

This group have a rep here? The first meister who set me up.with someone will receive a giant chocolate box and 50$ at least.

Here are some of my good moments.Screenshot_20191005-180302_Casino Slots.jpgScreenshot_20191003-213105_Casino Slots.jpgScreenshot_20191006-013010_Casino Slots.jpgScreenshot_20191006-012855_Casino Slots.jpg
Screenshot_20191006-014435_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20191006-010956_Casino Slots.jpg
You will get your money ok. I won £150 from a freebie there and I am sure CC07 did too if I remember right and we both got paid - just didn't go back due to the pending period.
I think you dont need to worry, you will get paid. IT may take a bit longer than youre used to but you Will get paid.

In the past, when dutch players werent yet banned from placing real bets, i’ve played at Mansion casino, slots heaven as well as Ive managed to win and cashed out at all 3 casino’s without any problems. ( i even cashed out around €1000 from a nd free spins bonus).

Good Luck and I hope you Will let us know when you have received your withdrawal

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