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Jan 5, 2005
I signed up for DiamondDeal casino in early February, deposited 100$ and lost it.
Shortly before Valentines day, they sent me an email advertising a number of reload bonuses for the upcoming week. Each reload was deposit 1000$, get 400$. Additionally, it advertised that if a player particiapted in all four reloads, he would recieve an entry to a weekly draw for 100$.

I decided to go for it. I did the reload four times, twice cashing winnings, and twice losing the entire deposit. I also did the Valentines reload, getting 200$ for 400, although I even deposited 800$. I know have $8412.50 owed to me in pending withdrawals. The first withdrawal was made back on the 14th, the last I believe was on the 16th.

The DiamondDeal website says withdrawals are processed within 5-7 business days. It has clearly been much longer. I have been in contact with their customer service multiple times now through the phone and live support. Their favorite line is that there is a "backlog" in withdrawals. Most recently I was told I would be paid either this past Thursday or today, Friday. I just called them again and was again told there was a backlog. I informed them that I knew they had paid other players during the time I have been waiting. After being put on hold again, the support rep informed me that i am a "bonus oriented player" and that there is a different withdrawal line for such players. I was told I will be paid sometime in the next week.

I would highly recommend not depositing any significant amount of money at this casino.
Is this a FutureBet casino by any chance. Sounds like what CasinoPenthouse has been telling their customers.
Nope its playtech

This is a playtech casino, from the mainstreet vegas group, if i remember correctly. I think they will pay you in the end.
I sure wish there was a some kind of dispute resolution service for playtech casinos, as there is ecogra for microgaming, and montana for rtg.

Kav, a small correction regarding eCOGRA and MGS-powered casinos.

Not all MGS-powered casinos are members of eCOGRA.

This is an individual commitment on the part of each Seal operator, based on whether he or she is prepared to achieve the standards set by the eGAP and maintain them through inspection and monitoring. That includes the complaints appeal process through the Fair Gaming Advocate, which is available only to players at Seal casinos.
I would not be surprised if they are having cash flow problems. It took me 14 days to get paid, and I nagged them by e-mail and phone.

First I got the good ol' technical problems excuse, always a classic:
This email is to inform you that the reason why you haven't received your withdrawal is because we have been experiencing a back load with our payments due to a small technical problem in our system.

This problem is being fixed as soon as possible and we are hoping to be able to review your withdrawal request within the next couple of days.
Further nagging and a request to send me the money manually (surely that could be done via Neteller) produced this:
Please note that each withdrawal process takes at least 5 working days to be approved, sometimes it could take more time than 5 days some others less. Hopefully your withdrawal will be approved in the next batch.
Hopefully?? Not terribly confidence inspiring.

I later talked with a rep on the phone and got the feeling in "reading between the lines" that they were paying people off as funds became available.

It was a happy day when I finally got paid. On the bright side, when you think you may not get paid and you finally do, it's like winning twice! :)
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