Deuces wild streaks??


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Jul 24, 2004
Hi all
I have been playing deuces wild 4-play power poker at a Microgaming Site regularly and was wondering about these streaks.
Started playing 5 total per deal (4x0.25x5) went 2k down- then turned to 2k profit, then it goes to 2k down then back up to 2k profit.
When i was back to even after about the 3rd of these streaks i then played 10 total per deal (4x0.50x5) immediately went approx 7k down then back to 2k up.
Then it goes to 7.5k down,just hit another RF (2k) so hopefully will be on the way back up shortly. I have deposited approx 40k in the last few months, and withdrawn approx 35k playing the right strategy.
Are these streaks normal?
What should i have returned at a machine that pays 99.37%?
PS When i hit a RF or 4 deuces why is it always the top hand of the four ?!?!
Look forward to your replys
acsparky said:
any idea how i'd work that out??

Yup since you are expected to get a 99.37% return so if you gamble a total of $100, you are supposed to get back $99.37. So for a $40K total wager, you are expexted to get back $39748, which is $40K x 0.0063 (100%-99.37% = 0.63/100 = 0.0063). Get it? :)
He hasn't wagered 40K, he's deposited it. Clearly he's wagered a lot more than that.
It is streaky but then so are most games i've found where the lower payouts are lowered to create larger payouts at the top end. Games like this that pay 1250 coins for 4 Deuces and 225 for the Deuces flush ultimately reward less for a flush/straight 3oak therefore you need to wager more to hit those big wins. Its quite usual. If you think thats streaky, try Crypto Double Bonus :)
correct caruso, so what would you expect to be wagered ? approx
*10 maybe?

So after a losing streak of 8k would i be right in saying, i'm due a good run?
Talk about the streaks

Think i'll retire

Just been dealt a Pat Royal of spades 8000.

Trying to post pic but says file too large.
it actually says file size is wrong: something to do with file is 800x600 and needs to be 600x500.
if you you want me to post it someone will have to let me know how to resize it.

Sorry for posting again but am a bit excited I really needed that.
You should have tossed it all and gone for the 4 deuces! ;)
GrandMaster said:
This is awesome. Congratulations! Anyone with a screenshot of a pat sequential royal?

I believe I do have that one at home GM. In hearts as I remember. I'll look for it and post it later when I find it. It too was on power poker.
sw2003 said:
Now anyone has a pattern RF in a 100 hand video poker game?

Will you accept a pat straight flush?? Got that in spades! :D

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