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Oct 3, 2001
Just an hour ago I got a Royal Flush on a non-download site. Yeah!!! I am feeling very good!!! 20000$ on a 25$ bet. :D :notworthy: :phaser: :rofl: :D
Probably I will be paid,... before Christmas time the site:
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I just made a wire transfer. I played on no-download version. Single Line Jack or Better.

Only one drawback,... I was unable to request a wire transfer on their site. I had to download their software, but anyway it is a big winning!!!

For now wait and see,... :boring: Good time for sleeping,... and enjoy it!!!
Congrats cegep! That's great. I've always enjoyed Casino Fortune. You don't have to worry about getting paid, I had a big win there and got my $$ pretty quickly via wire transfer (after I faxed in the documents needed to confirm my identity). The customer service people were great too, couldn't be better!
I just faxed the documents yesterday. Waiting for the answer. I want a make sure it is completed.

I just hit four deuces on their site. An another win of 250$. These 2 winnings from a 20$ deposit! (I received 30$ Bonus) :) That's a very good promotion! Yep! an another beer! :cheers:
I received 3 e-mails from their site stating that the winnings has been processed. ( 1 wire transfer and 1 check from saturday winnings)

Great customer service!!! :yes:
Yep! I just received my wire transfer tonight. Customer service couldn't be better and faster! :yes:
$20000 from a $20 deposit Cegep?

Is this from a strategy or something?

Can i have a go please?
Yes I'm back again:

On last friday Dec 6th I received a promotion 30$ Bonus for a 20$ deposit. The next day I deposited the 20$ and blown it away quickly playing Jacks or Better game. Then I emailed them to get 30$ Bonus. I waited 2 days and nothing happened. I emailed again and received Bonus at once,...

Monday night I played again $1.25 at the same time then my account was growing up to 60$. I switched to slot machine and earned an extra 60$. Again I played a few games on Caribbean Poker and my balance grew up to about 200$. Then I go back to Jack or Better game and play 5$ and 25$ games. When the balance reached 375$ I decided to leave for a night.

The next day I played 5$ and 25$ games on Jack or Better game: I reached 500$ in my account then was sliding down to 100$,... I played a game showing 3 big spade card. I held these 3 card and had,... the other 2 missing!!!

In fact these events (hazard) are totally unpredictable and we don't know when he's gone a happened (hitting a Jackpot). Almost of the time it's better to leave when you have a substancial gain. At this time I didn't regreet! ;)
Wow! Congrats on the win cegep!

Someday, maybe someday, I'll have a natural royal flush I can be happy about. I have hit four deuces three separate times in one sitting in Power Poker's Deuces Wild (Micro) which was very pleasing. But I've yet to grab the RF.

Too much time devoted to this site instead of playing the games, which I guess is a good thing... :D

That's because you're playing the wrong game Bryan! Try 10's or better power poker. Here's what I was dealt the other nite at zodiac casino. And sequential no less! Not bad for a buck bet, and the 500 coin payout on one coin bet is quite nice.

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Anyone know the odds of getting dealt a sequential royal like this on your first 5 cards??
Wow! Wow! Wow! Congrats on the win jpm!!! An another big winner!

For the probability let me see. Roughly you hit 1 rf every 40000 hands with a 2nd draw or not. To get a rf on the line you have 4 / (52! / 5! (52-5)! =( 4 * 5! * 47! ) / 52! = 1 / 649740

Sequential rf: it is easier to compute : 4 /( 52! / (52-5)! = (4 * 47!) / 52! = 1 / 77968800 (!!!) about one chance on 78 million. Quick compute: 1 / (649740 * 120) Because you have 120 differents permutations with 5 cards.
1 coin! You are a fool. Sheeesh. Its like throwing $$$ down the drain,

Unless you were bonus hunting, and playing the bare min (so as to save your bankroll), there's no excuse for this. You just gave away $4000 just like that.
If I were playing full bet, I'd have been BROKE LONG BEFORE I ever hit that hand Dave. The overall payout on that game isn't very good to begin with, so it'd be more foolish to play it for full bet than to play JoB or even A&F. I was just trying to finish my wagering requirements for a $100 match bonus. I'd been down to under 50 or even less at one point an managed to build it back up to a little over $200 with some good hands, upping my bets to 2 or 3 coins when the machine got hot, and strategic doubling of winning hands. Nothing foolish about that. I was up to about $220 and had finished my requirement and was going to quit but thought I'd just play it out till I get down to $200 or up to $250 or so. That's when I was dealt the sequential royal.

When I play a single line VP machine, I always play full bet. But not on power poker, it goes too fast then. I wish they'd make an option for a nickel coin size on power poker, then I'd definately play it at full bet. You have to at least give me credit for picking the one with the best payout for a 1 coin royal. The others are all 250 or 300 coin.
Thanks for calculating that for me cegep, that's some pretty long odds there! Now I gotta go buy some powerball tickets... ;-)
Ok, after reading your response, you're no fool ... but perhaps you should have limited your play to the single line machine and NOT played Power Poker at all.

When hunting for bonuses -- I do agree you have to be careful with every penny you bet, and sometimes betting single coin in the ONLY way to fulfill the wagering requirements and come out alive.

Its just sad. You had an event occur that hardly ever happens. People play VP thier entire LIFE, for perhaps 100+ hours a month, and never hit a squential royal.

Could have.
Would have.
Should have!
Yeah, I was playing the single line machines, but I was getting killed on them. No joy there at all, so I switched to PP in hopes I'd change my luck (which I certainly did!). Usually when bonus hunting I stick with .25 JoB full bet or Jokers Wild, sometimes A&F if neither of them is doing it for me.

You'll be happy to know though that saturday night I was doing another bonus wagering session at another casino and was having no luck again with the single line games and switched to 10's or better power poker again. It was hitting pretty good, so I upped my bet to 2 coins, then 3. Got dealt 4 of a kind and decided to go full bet from there on. Sure enough, a little while later I held a K & 10 and one of the lines dealt me the rest of the royal!! A quick $1000 on that one! Too bad it wasn't dealt, but I'm not complaining.

I think 10s or better power poker is my new favorite game.
If you guys haven't tried Outdated URL (Invalid) yet, you need to! Their customer service is great, payouts are good, very prompt cashins, i can't say enough good things about them, you got to try them!

is this casino affliated with Starluck Casino and Going Gambling casino? The opening page to the casino is just like Starluck casino and it looks like it has the same games. It uses the same e cash processor. Do you know if they have the games Silver City and Predator and Gopher? If these are the same people, then I have an account with their e processor and would I qualify for the bonus if I am already affliated with other casinos in the group. Please let me hear from you tonight. I plan on playing all of New Year's night. :yes:

Sorry I didn't respond until now, i was away all day yesterday. As for your question is Starluck affiliated with Golden Stars Casino, yes they both belong to the same parent company, Planet Luck is another one that belongs too, I have never heard of Gone Gambling Casino, I don't think they are affilated. They all have the same games though, I have nothing but good luck with Golden Stars, the only drawback is you have to play Java, there is no dowloadable software, but there is at Planet Luck and Starluck!! Hope this answered your questions. As always, GOOD LUCK

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