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Heh, I wonder if this o/t post is from Don Fortune at Crystal Palace???

If it isn't, be aware that there have been a number of complaints at various sites, particularly regarding Crystal Palace. Gambling Grumbles has some interesting stuff for example, which does not encourage one to gamble there.
Sorry to hear that, but this is looking increasingly like just another of those RTG bad apple sites. You could try contacting RTG, but they're not too helpful.

As to Crystal Palace, there are very strong indications that the guy involved there is one of internet gambling's more infamous crooks who left a lot of people (players, provider and other creditors) stranded without payment a few years ago when his casino went bust, and more recently had the dubious reputation of being one of the worst customer relations operators around under another alias.

It doesn't look good...
Before I decided to cease negotiating RTG complaints, I received a number of Crystal Palace grievences. But I am pretty sure these complaints were resolved.
Before the RTG Free time wasnt Crystal Palace advertised on here? I remember not being impressed by them. I'm not positive i clicked through it from here months ago but im just about positive any casino i played in the last year i clicked through from here except poker sites, why are there not any poker sites advertised here? No opinion on them Bryan? I guess there arent really many to choose from.

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The only RTG sites that have advertised here were Black Widow, Grand Banks, and Crown Vegas.

As for poker sites, I'm launching a couple today :D

When you say "2 RTG complaints", are you suggesting that the RTG complaint site actually helped you resolve this issue? If true that would be encouraging.
I really do believe that filing an RTG complaint does get some's worked for me with Windows Casino, The Golden Comps group, and now Crystal Palace.

I copy and paste the RTG complaint # in my email to the casinos.
The sad thing is that this has become the acceptable norm. You have to contact the software provider to get anything done...
I received a most shocking news from Crystal Palace today. Since I found out about two weeks that they suspended my account, I have not attempted to login in to my Crystal Palace account.

Today in response to my quesry on my cashin, they responded by saying that I have played all my money away. This must be the biggest fraud around. Daylight robbery no less. How could I have played anything when I have not login to my account? They got the cheek to invite me to check the history. I suspect they must have logged into my account and lost all my money for me.

I hope this posting will alert all to the dishonest and disgusting practice of this unsavoury casino. Probably Crystal Palace Casino should be Crystal Palace Cashin No.

Any one has any advice on the next course of action? Where r they licensed and by who?
Well, it's a member of Safebet. You're screwed there since that doesn't mean diddly squat.

Since it is an RTG casino, they are probably licensed in Costa Rica...which means they don't have a gaming license. They only have a business license to operate an Internet company. So you're screwed there as well.

You can contact RTG here and file a complaint:
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That's about it.

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Bryan, Is there anything specific to look out for in a Costa Rica casino? I have heard what you mentioned several times about them not being licensed or regulated. I play at paradise and betcris and an affiliate of betcris. Never had a problem with payment (except bounced me a $3000 check they paid on a week later) is it just that there is nothing one can do if they get screwed? Just need to make sure you can trust the place you're gambling with? thank you.
If you used a credit/debit card there, then I'd suggest calling the bank and getting a new number issued. Can't be too careful when a site gets hacked.
Dear Fortunecookie,

May I take this opportunity to assure you that Crystal Palace does not log on to players' accounts and lose their balances. Nor do we engage in the sort of activities you have suggested, such as defrauding players.

If you wish to contact me directly, I am certain that we will be able to resolve what has actually happened in your account.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards
Oliver Curran
Customer Relations Manager
Crystal Palace Casino
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Toll Free USA: 1800-824-3175
Fortunecookie, a number of us are following your case closely in view of past events involving this casino.

Please contact Oliver Curran as recommended above in an honest attempt to get to the bottom of this issue, but keep us all briefed on the developing situation by posting here.
This is to keep those of you interested in the Crystal Palace situation up to date.

After my posting on my account being zeroed out, someone from the "Cashin NO", emailed me to apologise and advised that my money was still there. Since I have been blokced out I could not confirm the balance. In any case I am hesitant to do so because I am wary they may use my login as a pretext to clean out my account.

I emailed Mr Curran after his request for me to do so. Well, he has not responded to my email. So I do not know his intentions when he requested for me to email him or what game he was up to. All I can say is that, till now I have not been paid.
Dear Fortunecookie,

I hope that you have now managed to contact Crystal Palace and that your concerns have now been fully resolved.

If you still have any problems, please feel free to call me using our toll free number as ironmaiden has suggested.

Oliver Curran
Customer Relations Manager
Crystal Palace Casino
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Toll Free USA: 1800-824-3175

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