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Jun 20, 2003
Hey all, I am having major problems with (affiliated with They continue to put off my withdrawal even though they admit I met all the wagering requirements of their bonus. I requested the withdrawal on May 4th and it is now June 20th. Everytime I call and talk to a guy named Oliver, he tells me how I'm a "low priority" and it will be a couple of weeks. Any tips out there from anyone?


Okay, so I just read the other pages on Crystal Palace and it seems that I am have some company with their shady dealings. I too have had my account locked only because I tried to cash out my winnings. They are claiming I didn't wager enough over the limit. Note: they admit I met the requirements, but locked my account because I didn't wager enough OVER the requirements. This is a terrible casino and should be added to the rougue list unless they clear up their grievances.

Thanks again,

Oliver or whatever your name is, it is irrevelent, the only thing that matters is that your a crook, thief and lying scumbag and you should go back to the rock you crawled out from under. With all the money youve stolen you think you could get some personality improvement courses. Unfortunately word is spreading fast that you and your operation is criminal, happy managing scum bag.
Whitteyford, please tone it down since name calling is unnecessary here. I understand that you are upset, but there are negotiations going on.

Dear Warren (AKA Oliver), my info comes direct from RTG. I'm sure you are aware that I've been meeting with them over the past few days. I'd suggest rethinking your relationship to this industry, since a few steps in the wrong direction will get your plug yanked.
Well, as an update to everybody, I checked my Neteller account today and the money was there! This was 3 days after Oliver told me that it would be "another 2 weeks" (as he always did). Needless to say, I give full credit to you Bryan, thank you so much. $447 may not seem like much, but I'm about to go on my honeymoon and really needed that cash.

Good luck all!


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