Crown City and the OPA



Don, Would you please post here and tell everyone the different lies you have been told about getting our members paid.

We have been trying to resolve this with them but they have this real bad habit of lying to us.


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Jan 1, 2002
Crown City has been lying since they were first contacted. Russell Holtby stated, during two or three conversations I had with him a couple months ago, that their company, which is basically broke, was going to be getting a new influx of cash and that everyone would be paid. During one call he stated that checks would be on the way by the following Monday. He admits that the company is flat broke and can't even afford to pay a $50 winner.

Yesterday I talked to him again and he stated still no money, more lies and gave me a sad sob storey about how he hasn't been paid himself for 9 months. Ya right.. Said the lawyers keep telling them the money is coming and they expect it but can't make any promises as to when. The whole thing sounds like one big scam and they are basically committing fraud.

During each conversation I mentioned that fact that the casino was still open, still taking bets but yet they admit they can't pay any winners. I asked what if someone hit a $1,000 royal flush. All those questions were met with silence. No response from Russell. They think they are doing you a favor if they return the deposit.

This is definitly a scam operation. Play and if you lose we take your money, but if you win, you get your deposit back but no winnings.


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Feb 22, 2001
Sounds like an action is indicated alright.

Perhaps we should start with an official letter to the chairman outlining the situation and what we intend to do about it, bringing into play those new reporting links of Mary's. That makes the action official and OPA appears serious and thru' with this excuses BS. In publishing the letter across the 'Net we could also urge screwed OPA players to ensure they submitted complaints.

Mary have you had a look at their corporate site to see who's who in terms of chairman/directors etc? Which stock exchange? Are they IGC members? etc.

The opening shot should scare the bejasus out of them but also will show the players that we are once again active on their behalf.

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