Crafty Cyber-caf Owner Can't Fool Police.


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May 7, 2004
In Malaysian cyber-cafés, there’s a new way to avoid being busted gambling online.
A button that can completely erase or change a computer monitor’s screen puts many
Malaysian gamblers at ease, especially when authorities step into the outlets.

The function is not hot-buttoned to individual keyboards, but located at the reception counter.
This way the cyber-cafe operator can instantly erase any trace of online gambling from all of the
screens in the room on the arrival of law enforcement.

For regular customers, the sudden change from online gambling site to search engine homepage is
nothing to be worried about. They know that it is all part of avoiding a hefty fine from the authorities
and an embarrassing social situation. Acting cool and typing something mundane into the search area such as
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Funny stuff. Net cafe's here all have signs up that say no gambling, no porn, no hacking, but they dont seem to do anything to block it (and it definitely is not policed by anyone). I've used them a couple of times in the past when my connection went down. No trouble going to gambling sites at all. In fact, despite the no gambling sign, I even downloaded and played a little poker. :D

In an semi-related note, net cafe's in South Korea went through major crack downs over the last couple of months for basically acting as gambling dens instead of a net center. As a result, the government has close to 33,000 seized computers that are being donated to families who can't afford one. Too bad no one's donating net access to go along with it.

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