Cool CAT Casino Malfunctions, I pay


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Oct 1, 2006
I should probably know better than to deposit at the vast majority of RTG's. but in a moment of weakness I did deposit $25 to get a 250% bonus with a 25X playthrough. I deposited my money with no problems at Cool Cat Casino. I redeemed the coupon before the deposit, as my history shows. The deposit wasn't instantaneous. I thought, ok, they will put it on my balance when they catch up like they do on Microgaming or Playtech. Wrong. I got some decent play , but in a couple of hours zeroed out.I contacted live chat, who instantly told me "too bad, you played out your deposit." I tried to explain to them that I am used to Microgaming and Playtech, but got the tough titty treatment. I also pointed out to them that their casino malfunctioned as wittnessed by the history which plainly showed a coupon redemption then a deposit. Doesn't matter, I played through my money. They were willing to give me a free chip of $25 which had a max cashout value of $25. I told them to keep their chip and expect some very negative publicity. This whole episode left a very rotten taste in my mouth. and a general dislike for RTG's and the hoops they expect people to jump through, especially when withdrawing.
I should probably know better than to deposit at the vast majority of RTG's.

This whole episode left a very rotten taste in my mouth.

You seem pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the shady side of some casino venues.

Without pouring salty water onto your cut; I've learnt to listen to my gut, imo this is another example of why big bonuses at less reputable establishments are not always winners. Probably best to chalk this one up as a lesson. In future listen to your instinct.

Since you can prove the coupon was redeemed before you made your deposit, you should win hands down if you lodged a complaint to Montana Disputes. One minor point, however. Are you sure that the redeemed coupon was for deposits of $25 up? If the minimum deposit was, say $30, then there will be no bonus.
Thanks ChurchU59

Thanks for your interest, but I have a question. What is Montana Disputes? I tried finding a website, but no luck. Do you have a URL ?
Go to the Pitch a Bitch Section in the main page here and fill in the form. Montana will look into this for you. May take a while though as they are quite slow.
Thank you!

Montana Disputes resolved the issue, and $62.50 was deposited into my account. I'm afraid this was my swan song though, because I am a U.S. citizen. Kind of ironic, the last casino I played at was these idiots. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, and I'm way ahead, so the gov. (controlled by fascist fundamentalists) made me quit while I was a winner. Thanks again guys!

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