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Oct 4, 2006
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My bank called me about another matter. A couple of charges on my checking account I am disputing.

Anyway we got into a discussion about my gaming charges since these charges in dispute are gaming.

The bank representative told me it is illegal for me to use my debit card for online gambling. She then went on to quote the language in my agreement.

I asked her if the bank was going to prosecute me and she laughed and said no. When I told her I had talked with the security department of my bank yesterday about my gaming charges and they didn't have a problem with it she had no answer. (The security department had shut down my debit card for me and I had to call them to unblock it.)

It just bewilders me what the heck is really going on. Are we in serious legal trouble here? You know at this point I really don't care anymore. If I have to go to jail for spending my own money so be it. Quite honestly I am so sick of the US government interfering in all aspects of my life!

It is obvious that to continue to play is futile.

The payment processors seem to have no problem getting money out of our bank accounts, but we have virtually no way to get it back. ACH is basically gone or at least its availability unreliable. Click2pay is sending withdrawals via BANK WIRE, the easiest way for the transactions to be spotted, so makes no sence to me.

The IRS has all Neteller u.s. transactions along with all records from the U.S. Automated Clearing House regarding those transactions. Which potentially means the IRS can identify U.S. Residents who have made illegal transactions, under their interpretation.

Already, they have caused the "Citizens" who they proclaimed to be "losing their money" by gambling online", to really lose millions of dollars that could have been spent in the U.S. And I am sure many individuals were relying on receiving their money from their neteller accounts.Money which may have helped to pay back those Dollars they lost. Ironically, the casinos got their money. In the end, Neteller and their customers have lost theirs.

I personally have no plans to play ever again. If I get the $2800 out of Click2pay I will consider myself lucky. I guess my next step then will be to get the advise of my Brother, who happens to be my tax attorney.
I too have no plans on ever playing again. My only concern at this point is my club pogo...lmao. Are they going to consider this as gambling, after all you can win money here, or so they say....not that I know anyone who has. Oh well, I good til next february any way!!! The goverment should stay out of my life!!

If they want to throw me in jail, so be it. I do not go to the casinos as I have problems walking and it is too hard on me. So I sit at my puter and gamble. What a dangerous criminal I am!!!
After I disabled InstaCash on my NETeller account in Oct. / Nov.. I was in my credit union afterwards and asked the clerk if I could possibly disable all future EFT's from this account for awhile, because I had used it mostly for online gambling. And was feeling paranoid about potential fraud.

After I mentioned online gambling, I felt super creepy air come over the conversation. Afterwards, I was thinking that I should not have mentioned my personal business to her. I was worried about a possible observation of the account by the credit union for future gambling transactions....weird. Because anybody else i would not be worried about it or ashamed whatsoever.
It's almost like an abusive relationship we have with the government....intimidated through the fear of something happening if we don't "behave". Are we really doing anything that should cause us shame...or anxiety? NO, it's they way tyrants keep their "subjects" in line.
I felt that fear in the spring of last year, way before the gambling ban was passed. I had been in the habit of making WU deposits weekly to a Playtech (receiver was in the Dominican Republic) and out of the blue my transaction was denied, and the store clerk couldn't tell me why, said to call WU. I was paranoid just walking out to the parking lot.....I called WU, and ended up speaking with a supervisor, who would not give me a clear answer as to why the transaction was denied. VERY strange vibes from that conversation. I was on pins and needles for at least the next 2 weeks or so (I kept my house extra super clean and neat, and hair done all the time, just in case I ended up on "COPS" :D ) My husband has listened to me freak out a few times when I've read another dirty tactic the DOJ has come up with, and offered this: Just figure that the government pretty much already knows who is gambling online, and it will cost way more than the negative publicity is worth, (all those middle age moms and grandmas playing their slots and bingo, dragged down to the station for booking :eek: ) to prosecute them. They are putting a stranglehold on the MEANS to play, and its working. Personally, I am finished depositing online, the chance of getting paid is slim to none, and I think if the government wants to really punish someone for online gambling, it will be the ones that are still trying at any cost. BTW, my bank is a federal credit union, and I am yet to have any questions from them about any of my many Neteller and C2P transactions.
As for me, I am heading to the casino boat at Myrtle Beach this weekend. The closest gambling for me, an hour drive away. The money I've saved by not playing online will more than pay for the trip (and some shopping too!)
I posted a while ago that I had closed my Click2pay account, since it seems as if everyone who was trying to cashout was having problems. I got my weekly bonus credits monday and that was the last time I played. I was very sad because I know that that was my last "real money" spin for probably a long time. I plan to uninstall the software this weekend when I get a chance. It's killing me but what is the point of depositing if there is no hope for a withdrawal? I need to get those programs off of my PC because I keep starting them up and staring at them, lol. I don't really care for "play mode", it just isn't exciting to me.

It's hard accepting the fact that there will be no online gambling in the future for me. You guys sound so strong saying "that's it, I won't play anymore" but I am going through withdrawals already. I can go back to b&m casinos (2 hours away), but I "hit" better at the online casinos and preferred them for reasons too numerous to list here. Believe me though, I will save alot of money, because I have a gambling addiction so in a way I've been blessed by this happening; I was spending more money than I should have been and couldn't seem to stop completely. I'll be able to do spend my money on other things. But I'm not happy about it. Not at all.
I'm not an attorney by any means, but the best opinions I have read are that unless it is specifically illegal to gamble in your state (the 11 states) then no crime has been committed by gaming.
If my bank's cardholder agreement states that I may not use it for gaming, that is one thing... they can cancel my account. But 'breach of contract'
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is not necessarily illegal. It would seem their remedies would be to cancel the agreement or pursue civil damages for involving them in their own crime (which would not be a crime unless they knew I was gaming, in which case who is the injured party?)

Most players have done nothing wrong. I am not concerned about the minor indescrepencies I may have committed by looking for alternative avenues to fund and be paid from my accounts. I would imagine the worst case scenario would be that the investigators take a statistical sampling from whatever database they have, determine the extent of 'money laundering' and go from there. If a high percentage of gamers are seen to have been moving large amounts through various processors the investigations might go further. If there are a small percentage they will probably only go after what looks like cut and dried illegal activity.

I'm doing the best I can to try to 'think like they do' rather than get overly alarmed. It is entirely possible that the IRS will flag some or all US gamer's returns. I haven't decided what to do about that. Here's a good link for gambling tax info
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it could be outdated. But I'm sure there will be current and specific information showing up here and other places soon.

I, for one, do not believe I am in serious trouble. If I were a highroller, I would be talking to some lawyers, but I'm just another jerk on the slot handle.
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