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I just spotted the irony.

OPA compaint #1000 is directed at TVS, once regarded as the best group of casinos on the web by many (including myself).

Is there a lesson here?


They should win a prize. Not only because complaint no. 1000 was filled against TVS but also because they have made a substantial effort in reaching this number.



What's the latest on TVS. I heard they started paying the Danes but have not heard anything since. They're still sending out juicy bonus offers.


Yes, I have reports that they are starting to pay people. However they remain on the NOT RECOMMENDED LIST BECAUSE OF THEIR BUSINESS PRACTICES.

And they still have not proved that any Danish OPA member was involved in any scam. Speaking of scam I think the casino is pulling one of their own.

Stay away from all Vegas Strip Casinos at all costs. Spread the word about them and how they are a dishonest casino. I would not recommend anyone ever playing there after they pulled this horse crap.

warning Will Robinson... Danger, Danger, Danger


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Let's clarify the term "pay people".

As I understand it, they are returning the deposits of Danes that have won.

This is getting to be a common casino scam, in my opinion (not representing OPA).

The casino returns the deposits of the winners, keeps the deposits of the losers, makes money, and tries to say that is fair. Hey, the fair resolution is to return the deposits of all players.

Why bother with this whole paying winnings at all? Why not just run a casino rotating the "fraud alert" through different groups of people and regions. Sort the player database by postal code, claim a "rash of credit card fraud", lockout the players and take the money. Heck, they can target those juicy bonus offers by postal code too.