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Oct 4, 2006
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I was under the impression comp points was your cash building up complimentary cash basically. Meaning it would have no Terms & Conditions attached to it. I had a bad experience with a casino using a bonus so I asked about the comp points. This particular casino told me I had to playthrough 20X and could only cash out 8X the comp points if my memory serves me on that last figure.

If I cash in say 10,000 comp points and receive $10.00 to play in a casino I have to play through 20X and can only cash out $80.00 if I were go make the playthrough. Which means if you hit something nice along the way it is like playing for fun.

Today I spoke with VIP Casino "live help" and asked them the same question. They have a huge Random Jackpot in Aztec's Treasure right now and I wanted to use my comp points to play. Here is the conversation:

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Addisyn: What are the terms and condtions of comp points if any when you convert them to cash to play in the casino? Thank you.
Aquiles: It is 20 times.
Addisyn: No one in my circle of friends that gamble online had any idea there were T&C on comp points.
Addisyn: Where do you spell that out?
Addisyn: So the playthrough is 20x what is the cash out if you get through that?
Addisyn: Say for instance I hit a Random Jackpot in a Real-Series Video slot on my comp points cash. Would I be eligible to cash out my entire win?
Addisyn: Or would I only be allowed to cash out so many times the amount of the cash realized from my comp points?
Aquiles: You will be able to cash out the funds as soon as you've rolled over the funds 20 times.
Addisyn: The funds meaning the comp points cash is that correct?
Addisyn: Not the win itself?
Aquiles: Not the win. The comp cash.
Addisyn: Thank you for your assistance.
Addisyn: I appreciate your time and information.
Addisyn: Bye.

So there is a playthrough but this rep is telling me I would be able to cash out all of my wins once I had met that obligation. So I guess what I am saying here is ask before you use your comp points what the T&C is on them.

Who knew :what:
Since my gambling began in B&m casinos, only years later beginning to gamble online, I found the fact that WR and various confusing T&C are attached to comp points at online casinos no less than astounding. (Note here, I never had WR on comp points at Mummy's Gold and it's sister casinos. Which I think is only fair.)

The B&M casinos where I play, I cash in my points before I go home, as CASH. I can even walk out the door without the guard stopping me and forcing me to play that money through on slots. Some casinos even bank your points separately as you play, Cash Back and Comps. With 'comps' to be used for things like meals, or over-priced T-shirts in the gift shop, or show tickets, or whatever, and Cash Back is just that -- you can take it and leave, or play it.

To the casinos: If you treat legitimate customers like customers and not regard us all as shysters and fraudsters, players will return and give you their money.
Spin Palace didn't have wagering requirements on loyalty points either. But I've never been able to find documented rules for the loyalty points at any MG web site. I searched but most just explain how you acquire loyalty points -- nothing about the wagering requirements once you cash them in. Loyalty points should be completely cashable. They're comps, right?
On these comp points are they from a cash only deposit that has no wager requirements like Vegas, or were they earned from a deposit and a bonus, so the comp points are not real dollars? Just wondering because I think that is where the difference is.

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