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Sep 30, 2003
I ve been playing for many hours today and a few strange things happened... I loved RTG Caribbean Poker and hated Cryptologic's VP....

First of all, I took the offer Ukbetting and Totalbet run ( both ). I deposited 100 and they say that after wagering 700 on video poker they give you 50 completely free and if you add the 25 monthly this becomes 75 bonus for a 700 w.r. Nice offer, isn't it? I inform ou that the scenario was the same in both casinos. I felt that my balance was "raped" at both of them. Initial deposit 100 at both of them ( don't you think that 100 are enough to meet 700 w.r. ? ). Not only I lost 100 without meeting half the w.r. but I needed to other deposits of 50 in both casinos to manage to meet w.r....! So, final results : Down 350 units after 1400 wagering playing vp, 5 lines, 0.5 per line, bs. Worst results ever in Cryptologic.

Then I tried VIP Casinos and Play united Caribbean Poked. There is some time from last time i played RTG leaving with the worst impressions. After wagering more than 15000 at caribbean poker at 5 bet, I won some money ( not a huge amount, if you add the bonuses it's nice ) but I left with the feeling that I could play for hours there without losing my balance. A very strange feeling relatively with the previous times that RTG software ate my balance like hell..

That's all for today!

I 'm tired after so much casino play....

Time to sleep... :p
I played both bonuses at Totalbet and Ukbetting playing Double Bonus VP and finished up 140 on top of the 150 bonuses. I think I hit 5 4OAK in about 500 hands. Sorry about your luck though.
VP is very volatile. I was playing single play DB, 5x25c coins. At ukbetting I had a pat straight flush, four 4OAK, plenty of full houses and I won 180 before the bonus. At totalbet, I did not hit anything better than a full house and not many of those either and I lost 130 before the bonus.

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