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Comments on 49er Casino?


Dormant account
Recently I heard about 49er Casino that claims to pay back 10 % of your possible losses. (Think I read it on Online-Casino, mentioned in Casinomeister's Links). That sounds like a pretty good bonus. I couldn't find a mention of this casino in your forum yet. Does anyone has any experience with this casino?


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
This is from their T&Cs

Effective February 1, 2003, 49er Online Casino has became a participating casino in 'Bettor's Insurance', and automatically enrolled your account, at no cost to you. This means you will get you 10% cash back on any money you might lose in the casino.

That's a Win-Win situation, because if you win you get paid, and if Lady Luck is not smiling in your direction, you'll receive 10% back on any losses you incur for the month.

You've been pre-registered, and there's nothing to sign up for and no forms to fill out, just visit
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and enter your email address and active casino account number, and you're all set.

It's a good solid casino (Cryptologic) from the people running the Sands of the Caribbean.
Complaints...nearly nil.


RIP Brian
Other casinos in this well-established group that uses Cryptologic software are:

Sands of the Caribbean
1 on 1

Someone help me out here - there are others and I have forgotten them!


Dormant account
Guys - thanks for the tips.

Many people on this site seem very appreciative about Cryptologic. Their software definitely comes across as very professional, at least to my layman eyes! But I read some crap about them, about them being a scam-operation and being a front and what more (got all that from the site Cryptologic sucks). Is that indeed just crap?

Mind you, I'm in a bit of a crisis of faith here. I can't shake the feeling that even reliable casinos might not shirk from doodling around a little -- I've had some remarkable disappointments playing roulette with a top name casino, posted that elsewhere. I'm looking for certainty that an online casino I'm playing roulette at is NOT manipulating the game for me to lose. I'm looking for guaranteed, certified, unadulterated random here.


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
Oops! A truncated file. It looks better now :)

Roulette? I don't play much roulette since I'm more into VP and slots. I feel safe at sites I trust (Crypto, Boss Media, Microgaming).

One thing about Crypto sites, is that you have the choice to play for fun or for real even after opening a real account. This way you can play for an unlimited amount of time before switching over to real money mode.


Dormant account
I respect Bryan's decision to blacklist all of Claud Levy's sites. (Do to the posting of confidential player info.)

However, my dealings with Mr. Levy have been very different than Bryan. I have been dealing with his casinos for a number of years now. Anytime I had a problem with payouts or customer service, I always contacted Claude personally and he immediately resolved those problems and made sure I was paid immediately. On a couple of occasions he gave me substantial bonuses to make up for any inconvenience. I know someone who won $36,000 from a mere $120 deposit (received a large bonus), and was paid in full.

I personally do not believe that Mr. Levy is a hateful individual. He is simply a very controversial individual because of his anti-estblishment views. He believes that certain major software companies are dealing a crooked game. I persoanally believe that as well. He made a very strong case that Cryptologic tried to cheat him. His contract stated that the casino owner (Claude)would be able to retrieve detailed player info IN REAL TIME. It turns out Crypto LIED about this. Not only did Claude not get his player info in real time, but it took them DAYS or WEEKS to release this info to him, leaving Claude with the distinct feeling that Crypto had cooked its books. Anatoly Plotkin, the Russian mastermind behind Crypto software, wanted to charge Claude $1000 per day to release CLAUDE's OWN FIGURES. Sheeesh.

Claude's portals (Gambling magazine and Gaming magazine) have exposed several companies who have committed illegal acts. In that respect his magazine has been a major asset to this industry.
He has also written numerous editorials about how dirty software developers and "turnkey" providers have become.

I applude Claude for his efforts to expose the crooks.

However, I am very dissapointed that Claude posted a player's confidential info in public.
Even if this player is a true fraudster like Claude contends, it still didn't give him the right to go public with this info. Claude went TOO FAR, as this was definately an illegal act.

As far as immitating the URL's of Gold Club and Gaming Club, this was definately not illegal, but many, including myself, have considered it unethical.

When judging anyone, you need to balance the good with the evil. You need to look at the bigger picture. I personally believe Claude Levy is an honest business man who believes he has been screwed one too many times.

I will continue to play at Claude's sites despite the Meister's blacklist. The industry is deluged with rogue operators. Most have committed crimes far worse than Claude Levy.

And besides -- I agree with the vast majority of Claude's opinions. He is one of the people in the industry who speaks the truth.


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
Fair enough Dave, and some good points and insight on the man.

But I've always felt that this guy is a bully with his threats of lawsuits, his consistent slandorous type wording of his "news" articles. Colorful as he may be, he would be more effective if he wasn't so obnoxious.

I'm glad you've had some good experiences with the Claude Levy. I haven't.

I've more or less ignored him, but the posting of personal details (player address, bank address, putting a price on his head) goes a bit too far. I hope that he realizes that this is not the way to go.