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Jul 3, 2002
Arizona City, Az

I just opened a click2pay account. I have a question.

Is there something I have to do to first before they make a deposit into my account and verify it? Or do they just do that automaticly after you send in yourbanking information? I couldnt understand the guy onthe phone with his strong accent, when I called to try and find out,lol and finaly gave up.

It's been along time since I had an account with them so I apologize if this info is incorrect. I believe that they make 1 or 2 small deposits into your account within a few days. You then have to verify the amounts with them. Again I may be mistaken. I am sure someone on this site will answer you soon.
Ballysdb is right, you dont have to do anything now.. just wait until the deposit shows up in your account, (usually 2 to 3 business days) then enter that same amount in verify account section and your verified and ready to roll!:)
I can confirm the Posts from ballysdb and frufrugirl.

You will get two small deposits into your Bank-Account and then you must verify this, a copy of your personal Identification and i think the last account statement of your bank.

My prefered Payment Method is also Click2Pay and you can looking also for this Old / Expired Link
It's a german Forum !
If you are looking for this, it's now your part to translate this.;)

I hope you have understood everything so far.

Good Luck

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