Non-Bonus Complaint Cleos vip room display error? Something is not right...


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Jul 26, 2012
Am I just being paranoid or is there a serious issue here?

This starts with me sending an email about missing money-

Hi Cleo's VIP,

I have been playing quite a lot the past couple of days only to loose it all so very quickly! While playing I noticed that money was either not being credited or just disappear from my balance. I noticed this more than once but only thought to take a screenshot of the issue the last time it happened. I am not sure what is happening but I sure would appreciate it if someone could check my account and resolve the issue... I look forward to hearing back from someone soon-

I received a response 3 days later-

Very sorry for the delay of our response. None of our machines have had any balance problem at all.

We have checked your account and here you can find an attached file with all the games and their winnings / losses from Aug 1st until Aug 21st

Now, I sent a screenshot which showed the date and time of this error and can't understand why they would send me a file with my history 3 days prior to when the problem happened. I replied back being more specific for them this time-

I added a screenshot of an instance showing a win of $220 and not credited on the double up card game dated 8/22/2013 @ 22:31:37 which I added again for you to see if you can take a look. My balance after the win was $5015.80 but after betting and loosing $10 on the following spin @ 22:31:42 my balance shows $4785.80 instead of $5005.80, exactly $220 less counting the $10 lost as well.

Then I received this reply-

We have reviewed you case and we found out that it was a display error from the HISTORY function. It is just showing wrong numbers. Don´t take into account the $5015.80. What count is the balance. At no point did your balance change to that amount because in the game it did not happen. I am sending you an extract from your plays for you to see the real bets, the wins and the balance at that time. However we apologize for this display error.

Now this explanation makes no sense to me. Why would I disregard my balance showing $5015? Also is it just me or does the extract from my plays look altered, the graph lines just don't look right to me. I replied saying that this type of "error" as he called it was just not acceptable.

The problem is that the information showed in the HISTORY did not match with the reality of the game. It is a glitch in the system. We don´t know why it happened but it doesn´t happen a lot. It is the only time I heard of such an error so it doesn´t happen very often and no matter what, it would not affect the game balance.

Now I just read a complaint with someone else having a complaint very similar to mine which is why I am really thinking something unfair is happening. I would love to hear what others think of this and if they agree with me...


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May 31, 2009
Same issue with big win

I had a similiar issue I'm trying to resolve now. I was playing Angkor slots and during a free spin session got 5 Scatters plus one was a 3 times the win and another was a 5 times the win. I was betting $7.50 a spin at the time. The game info stated you were paid 50X your bet plus if you did receive the multipliers your win would be multiplied by 12 times. Don't ask me how their math works but the game info says 12X.
So I win $4500 on that spin and approx another $400 during the free spins. I look at my credits and I only have $2777 in my account. I immediately contacted live help. This was on a Thursday evening. I was told repeatedly they were checking on it and that I would get a response Monday. Well Tuesday I get a reponse indicating that there was an "issue" with the way the machine was calculating the winnings. That they were sorry they couldn't pay but here's a $30 bonus credit. The email explanation is below:

Dear Dennis,
We received a report about an incident while you were playing Angkor, we apologize for the inconveniences caused by this issue.
There was a display error on the game, it was showing a different amount than our system.
For example, depending on your denomination, the game will show you were playing/earning $5 while the correct amount and the one determined by the system was $0.5.
This is the reason why free spins and all the amounts on the games were showing different amounts.Knowing that this was an issue from our side, please check your play for real, we added a bonus for you.
We thank you for contacting us regarding this issue and hope you have a fantastic day.
Kind regards,
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They admit the "issue" was with them but I need to take the loss. I feel this is nothing short of stealing.
I contacted them again stating this wasn't acceptable and have heard nothing back.
Pretty blatant cheating if you ask me. Thank you, Dennis


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May 31, 2009
Cleo's Vip Room corrected issue

I have to give Cleo's Vip Room Casino credit. They looked at my issue with their Ankgor slot and realized they had made a mistake and gave me the rest of the winnings I had on a Jackpot. I appreciate their being honest about this issue. I did not try to withdraw any on those funds. So I don't know about the payout issues. I have had payouts processed in the past but they were always slow in coming. But I eventually did get them.


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Jun 4, 2013
same software as casinoval if the mess you about to much

if its those games you want to play and cleo keeps getting it wrong casinoval has been around a bit longer and has a better rep still slower pay than most places but always a live chat handy. i do like some of the amuzi games there.some are kinda clones of alot of the older aristrocrat machines