New Slot Announcement Chilli Chilli Bang Bang (iSoftBet)


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Can't see anyone's already started a thread on this one - so I will!

Spotted this new game at VS tonight and thought I'd give it a bash.
Looks a little bit different, but is basically a traditional 5 reel, 20-line slot... with some cool features.

First there is the random "wandering wild". This appears at random and can spread up, down, left or right.
In my short session (under 200 spins) it happened quite a lot, spread to give from 4 to 7 wilds, and gave me some nice wins!

Then there is the bonus feature: scatters on reels 1 & 3 trigger a strange animation to see if you'll get the 3rd one you want on reel 5. But the great thing is, if you don't get the scatter, you do get a consolation prize which appears to be from x2 to x7. All mine were x4 or more, including a couple of x7's.

So anyway, I finally got the feature and it gave me 16 free-spins with wandering wilds (there are 2 other types of bonus - but I haven't seen them yet).
The video below shows how it gave me a LOT of wandering wilds and a bet x162 win :cool:
Nice little game - I will be back!



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I looked at it on vs today as well, Did not look appealing to me but maybe I should have given it a few spins. I am trying to look at the new games again to find something to get me away from BTG a bit, LOL.


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I played it a few days ago, got the wandering wilds and 20 spins paid a not great, but reasonable 87x my wilds werent as well placed or as many but i hit the bonus, won, and legged it lol


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I gave this a decent session in free play last night and found it a rather enjoyable slot, bit too early to make any calls on its variance or pay potential - but the design and aesthetics are appealing, and they've clearly put a decent amount of work into the swizzy graphics.

Definitely one to give a play in the next real money session I have.


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Yeah, it was in one of my recent 'new games' videos and TBH I didn't get on with it at all, very hard to get any hits of note on.