'better bonus to replace previous "sad" bonus...

Will the new bonus be a.....

  • Continuous 5 or 10% bonus

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Raffles with most bonus awards being less than the monthly match

    Votes: 4 40.0%
  • Randomly emailed matching bonuses

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • New Loyalty program (lol) or extension of their non $100,000 lottery

    Votes: 3 30.0%

  • Total voters
I think their bonus now is fine .
I am curious about what they will do with all the lottery winners credits that weren't claimed.
It's supposedly going to be better than the 100% monthly. I guess a 100% weekly would fit the bill.

But I suspect they are going to downgrade the bonus and tell us it is actually better. Maybe a 10% or 15% weekly, but up to $50,000.

I am curious about what they will do with all the lottery winners credits that weren't claimed.

Haha. Yeah , what's that $100k lottery cost them so far? A few hundred dollars?

I don't expect the 10% continuing bonus model, other casinos do this. I get the impression casinoshare are trying to do things other casinos don't.
Offers mailed to players (my vote), although done at a few other groups, will enable them to target the offers to the players. Players they don't want will get less, and players they believe are going to be loyal, and above all profitable, will be given offers to encourage them to deposit regular amounts.
I would expect them to run open competitions.

Above all though, sort out the loyalty programme - this has been long promised but seems no closer, secondly, BEFORE embarking on new promotions they need to get their support up to speed, as any changes are going to produce an increased demand.
I would recommend bonuses to be automated as they have the EZBonus system, and players are not tied in to obscure restrictions just because a bonus has been added. An alternative would be to have claim codes and a claim page, E-mailing support does not seem too effective at present.
They have another promotion at present, $500 for wagering $40,000 on some slots by the 23rd, but no loyalty scheme in place, and claims have to be E-mailed, and the previous promotion didn't seem to work properly. With no loyalty scheme, it is hard to determine how much has been wagered.
Telling players they can use Playcheck is complete BS, it does NOT show wagering totals, it only shows individual games and results. Casinos have an extension that allows the tally of a players total wagering from the Playcheck data, but this is unavailable to players.
I'm pretty sure it's going to stink, and it's probably going to be overly complicated.

And I think VWM makes a great point that at least hopefully it will be AUTOMATED.
Casino Share is beginning to lose credibility with me. I was really hoping for them, but this stumbling about, bothers me.

The daily picks with no claims still seems to be chosen from and outdates or obsolete data base. I asked about this before, as they have never had any numbers as hgh as current new players?

I for one, am going to wait and see, before any more deposits.

The daily picks for 12th and 13th, have not been posted as per this post at 9:30on the 14th?

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