Casinomeister, online casinos with live blackjack?


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Feb 13, 2006

Do you have a list of these casinos?

Also, do have a list of casinos that have a surrender option in BJ?

Any help is much appreciated. You have a great site.

Hi Chris,

I'm moving this into the "Online Casino" section since you'll get a better answer from some of our "expert" BJ players :D

Thanks for the kudos, by the way.

Bet365 has the option to play with their live dealers (with no interraction with the other players). It would have to be my favorite BJ game these days. :thumbsup: But it can get mighty slow at times. :mad:

I was told recently that either Ladbrokes has live BJ, or will be offering live BJ very soon. If so, THAT would be great. :thumbsup:

Sorry though, don't play BJ switch, so not too sure on that one... :confused:



Westland Bowl

I know that Flamingo Club has live dealers for Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and one other game I forgot.

I was surprised when you stated that they have live BJ, but you're quite correct Westland Bowl... and they have *NEW BJ "surrender" as well (speak of the devil). Actually, live BJ and "surrender" are being offered at all (I do believe) the Casino Blaster Affiliate (casinos). But, this is basically the Golden Palace group that we're talking about. I wouldn't go there, but it should be noted that "soflat" recently had no problem collecting his/her winnings (sorry, just trying to be politically correct... or showing no gender bias). It may be better than what I remembered (and I DO like live BJ :thumbsup: ).

Casino Blaster Affiliate members include:

- 24kt Gold Casino

- Golden Palace Online Casino

- Flamingo Club Online Casino

- Grand Online Casino

- Aspinalls Online Casino


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Both Playtech ("Blackjack Surrender") and Microgaming (Atlantic City) have games with the surrender option. Both are marginally better than the standard multi-deck game.

Rather than looking for live games, or a rule-tweak which really adds nothing much, I would focus on finding better games.

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