Casino Vega Should Not Have Been Taken Out of the Rogue Pit

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Dec 13, 2011
St. Petersburg, FL
Might as well post about this again. Casino Vega should not have been taken out of the rogue pit. They still owe me over $2500. I won a jackpot, met the wagering requirements and cashed out. They revised the wagering requirement after the fact which I was gracious enough to meet again and cashed out again. They continued to stall indefinitely until 30 days went by and then claimed a 30 day rule so that they didn't owe me any money. Total nonsense. They have ignored me ever since despite complaints and a pitch a bitch. Do not play there.
The OP submitted the PAB back in December. It was incomplete, I tried to contact him, never got a response. The PAB was shelved accordingly.

@RK55: not sure why you thought this needed to be started as a new thread when it clearly belongs in with the thread re: the casino being on probation (CasinoVega on Probation). Please continue this discussion there. I will now close this thread.
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