I have thought that we should start a section for CASINO ON NET... Not to promote them becuase they are honest, fair and fast.. But in order to guide other players to this casino in order not to be cheated by other casinos...
This month Casino-on-net gave me $100 bonus in my account. I cashed them out without playing.... I received them!
I was given a $200 bonus August,1, 1999. They put into my account. Casino on net distribute $50,000 on their players each month!
Anon: if you played there, you would know that they give out monthly comps. In July, I got $200, which I promptly lost. This month, I got $100, and played it into a $1005 cashout.


Twice in the last month I have been given a "short" new bankroll balance after a partial cashout. Both times the requested ammounts($100 & $160) were correctly posted to my cashout record, BUT too much($150 & $190)was deducted from my playing bankroll. Cas o net did give me the missing $50 the first time after I wrote them. The 2nd just happened so Cas o nets response is not known. I'm sure they will cover but the problem still remains. If you play there watch out for their math; it doesn't add up all the time.




Yanni will never believe it though
Just rec. reply from Cas o net:
"We have checked the records and found that due to a small technical glitch,
this incident occurred. However, this problem has been rectified and we
sincerely apologize for this.
I have credited your account with $30 and $20 as bonus."

In any event they take care of their problems quickly; Sunday night respnse time less than an hour. After reading LVHM & Steve's posts about credit card problems, I have pulled out all my records and am doing a complete audit of credit transactions. I have never checked to see if declined orders were billed to credit card anyway.
STeve and hit mob, i just found 3 declines that were billed to my card. Pro-cyber services
thanks for your postings. you just saved me $400
Hey , Mike C I played at Casino On Net too.
Hopr that I will not have any problems.
I am having trouble getting a red dice cube short
cut on my active desk top what is the problem?
I have hit
start, run ,
find folders and ect..
What do we do to correct the problem? ( I have
already downloaded the program.)
I have been gambling sucessfully over the past few years in several real casinos in Germany as well as in some casinos on the net. The last few weeks I have played blackjack and roulette in casino-on-net and this is my opinion: Their games are really unfair, no matter what you do in playing roulette or blackjack, mulitplayer or single, I have got the feeling that they are definitely cheating. Futhermore I do not believe that their multiplayer is for real. You can enter their mulitplayer tables 30 times if you want to - in let's say ten minutes - and you will never get to meet anyone you have met before. Their bet limit at multiplayer tables is $100, but I met quite a few players there who bet $200, $300, $450 .... and so on.

The only good thing I have found about casino-on-net is their support. I sent a mail to them twice asking for advice during the installation and registration process and received a prompt reply. They also gave me a bonus of $10 for having had problems in registering. Nevertheless I am not going to gamble any longer with them. A great support and a bonus of $10 is no use, if you feel that their software is biased and you'll never get a fair chance of winning.
Annette I have been sayimg this about CON for quite a while I dont trust them period, They have good support you say I am sure they do similar to first live

Annette play at the owner is really ugly but the games are fair
Dear guys!

Casino On Net have gone mad! They have changed management and started a big campaign of advertisments. You can see their advertisments everywhere on the internet.
However they seem and I am sure changed their odds!!!! Their software is BIASED and now you CANNOT win there!!! what about having a 20 in blackjack and the dealer recovers from 2!!!

Whatabout having a 25 blacks in roulette in a row! and when you bet on black you get red!!!!!

Please anyone who feels this post here!

They even used to give me a 10% bonus on all my western union deposit.. They started to deny that and they claim that they will no longer give me the bonus after I deposited $1700 and lost them all because of their fool software!
Well maybe 25 is possible but I've never had more than 13 in a row

I do know that 25 in a row is many millions to one chance. But since you are probably playing thousands of spins then it isn't that unlikely that it would happen.
Do not beleive me??? You should not beleive them!!

I will tell you what I also experienced:
1 made a real test and lost $1000 just to make the test and prove my self.

I made bets on all numbers keeping 2 numbers without any bet. Which means I bet on 35 numbers leaving 13 and 34 with no bets. I bet $1 on each number. I kept repeating this bet for 100 times.
The odds of the ball landing on one of the 2 numbers are 2/37 right? which means that it should land on one of them about 6 times in my 100 spins. Do you beleive that the ball struck 13 and 34 for more than 19 times in my 100 spin!!!!

I repeated the bet but reversed it. I bet on 13 and 34 and left all the other numbers open. for 100 spins do you know how many time the ball landed on 13 or 34??? NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE!!!!

Well Yani if what your saying is correct than it appears that the casuno operator can swith the games into different win/lose/even modes. I am starting to beleive that some online casinos can be set into varios payback or no payback modes at their discretion. I've had huge streeks from the 1st hand or spin, some win most lose. I've lost over 10 hands in arow in blackjack way too often, an occurence that is rare in real play.
Yanni you should contact the Guiness book of records look what I just found;

The biggest ever recorded run of one colour (just happens to be red) was red
occuring twenty four times on the trot and happened a great many years ago
in a French casino

I never liked casino on net their policy of making you wait a week before they consider paying you out is rather unethical,also the multiplayer games I found I was always playing with the same people even though they were months apart (the sessions that is) the odds on that ??

Also if you had no limit roulette and placed one dollar chip on black and "let it ride" for 25 games and black indeed came up you would win $33,554432 but having said that the odds on a black coming up after a black is the same as a red (unless the casino you play at has flawed software )
25 is not all that unlikely, I think it's just over 66.5 million to 1 chance. That is the chance from the first spin that another 24 in a row are the same colour. Bear in mind that the odds are divided by the number of spins. So if you spin 1000 times then the odds of it happening in those are about 66.5 thousand to one.

(37/18 raised to the power of 25)
Yanni, did you really lose 25 consecutively. Is it possible you lost 15 or so, then won 1, and then lost another 9?? In "Beating The Wheel" by Barnhart, he lists the largest # of losses (on an even money bet) in roulette history as being 23.

IF your loss was consecutive, then you have been blatantly RIPPED OFF and should take steps to immediately get your money back. Usually denying charges on your card is a good option, but I do not recommend it in this instance, since you'll be blacklisted in a negative data base and may not be able to use other online casinos.

My best advice to request an AUDIT TRAIL from Casino-On-Net. IF they actually send this to you, and it is accurate, pass this information to Sue Schneider at the IGC. Logon to the IGC wesbite and file a complaint:

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

(Casino-On-Net is an IGC member)

IF Casino-On-Net is crooked, they may try to disprove your results by tampering with the audit trail. (Possibly they might send a completely different audit trail to IGC then the one they send to you.) If this happens you are out of luck, and theres nothing you can do to get your $$ other than denying chages. Filing a complaint with the Antigua/Barbuda Free Processing Zone is also not a bad idea, but it won't get your your money back, unless there are lots of complaints on file, and the Antigua/Barbuda government is willing to resolve the matter on your behalf. The chances of this are extremely unlikely.

Contact Ernst and Young. They are the newly appointed "auditors" for Casino-On-Net. Let them know you have been RIPPED OFF.

During the latter part of last year, Bryan Bailey, the ADMIN of Casinomeister, removed Casino-On-Net from its list of reputable casinos.
I'd like to find out why!
Hi Dave,

Casino-on-net was removed from Casinomeister because of their pathetic customer service. After ignoring numerous emails they finally responded explaining that they had changed servers and they never received my emails (even though none bounced back). I thought all was well, but again they became unresponsive; thus their removal.

It is true! They refuse to answer my e-mailes.
I asked for an audit trail, they ignore my e-mails.They used to give me 10% bonus on all my deposits because I was a big player there; and suddenly they started to refuse to give me the 10%. Last month I deposited $1600 but they refuse to give me a 10% bonus on them.
Today a friend of mine username is "smassad" deposited $250 he got the 10% bonus (me and him had a conversation with Casino On net last year) and they agree to give us 10% bonus on all deposits.

I e-mailed them today 3 e-mails asking why they give my friend the 10% but do not give me they ignored my e-mail!!! They owe me $160 for that.

I then e-mailed them from a new e-mail address but did not mention my name and asked them if they are up and running, they asnwered YES. I then replied and told them my name and asked them why they ignore my e-mails and asked for the 10%, they ignored this e-mail and all the e-mails that I sent afterwards from this new address were ignored too.

IT IS CUSTOMER [color=ff0000]••••[/color]-ER!!!

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