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Jul 4, 2005
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Not sure if this has already been posted here but thought I would let everyone know the following.

I got an email from Casino Craze last week which said they will be closing over the next couple weeks. They claim all players money and all affiliate fees will be paid up until they shut down for good.

If you have money in your Casino Craze Account you may want to contact them to find out what is going on and check on the status of getting your money.

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They obviously want as much incoming $ as possible, nothing mentioned anywhere on their web site... Maybe their payouts have been too high. :D
Copy Of Email

Here's the email I got from casino craze.

I am writing to inform you that CasinoCraze and FastPoker will be closing over the next few weeks.

Kindly note that our Customer Support will remain open to ensure that all Players receive their moneys in full. We are also in discussions with several casinos/poker rooms to offer the Players an easy alternative, should they not wish to withdraw their money immediately.

All Affiliates will be paid up until the end, when the casino/poker room will be closed.

Thank you for your continued cooperation over the last 12 months.

CasinoCraze/FastPoker Team
Whoa - they didn't last very long, although I guess it could be the owners Penny Lane Holdings in the BVI changing to another software, but if that was the case they would surely have handled it differently to this.

not too sure but I think they are linked to sportingbet. When you deposit it uses the same cashier. And I think the payment company is the same.
Their original wagering requirements were tiny, so they gambled and lost.
I am sure all players will be paid off easily here.

It might sound strange but I already said they will not stay around for long when I just saw their name a few months ago for the first time.
It simply didn't sound like a well working theme to me. :/
All Affiliates will be paid up until the end, when the casino/poker room will be closed.

Yep, I got that a few days after all my stats turned to zero and no one answered my mails about it. :eek:

This is too bad - this was the only casino that had the brand new Boss slots - including the Kangaroo one. Now we have to wait until Sunset gets the whole new platform and games in September. They only have a couple of the new ones now. I was just taking a liking to Casino Craze. The new slots games are really great.
dominique said:
Ah, well, guess what? They don't take people who love in the states. :eek2:

"Love in the states"??? :lolup:

Hey now, I love AND live in the states ... guess I'm twice damned. :D

(sorry, dominique, I couldn't resist getting it in before the edit ;) )

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