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I just want to ask that, what is the reputation of casino's business in usa. I want to start casino business but confused about it. Please give any suggest for me. Your reply will be highly appreciated.


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Er, if you mean online, you can't open a casino based in the US. If you mean targeting US players, probably more headache than it's worth.


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As you are asking all the wrong questions, I believe you haven't played online yourself or even begun to do your research yet. If you are wondering about acting as an affiliate, there are many good pages of info in the Affiliate section of this forum.

As to online gambling and our government's view of such.... Remember that google is your friend. :) Let's try googling 'fbi online gambling' and see what we get why don't we?

Here we go...
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If you are intending to set up and maintain an online gambling casino right here in these United States, you should move to a state (such as Nevada) which may soon have online gambling within their borders.


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You know, I bet is worth a fortune nowadays with all the traffic it gets!


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The man asked for info here, why everybody kicks him out and tells him to google things, instead of helping?
because he's an arsloch spammer, to use the correct term. :) We see them almost daily, 'innocuous' enquiries covering a weak attempt to get Google listing on CM when their link stays put.

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