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Dec 21, 2003
After reading the Fortune Lounge thread I saw something that doesn't make sense. Perhaps someone can help me.

This is a snippett from that thread

Again: On Desert Dollar she purchased $500 and received her purchase match bonus of $150. Because the wagering requirement is purchase x 10 and bonus x 10 she had to wager $6 500. She only wagered $581.

To me it looks like the match bonus was 100% up to $150. Why would the wagering requirements include the entire $500? It seems to me that only $150 of the deposit would be included.

I decline most bonus's and the ones I do take I normally end up with zero balances so I'm not sure how this works.
I believe this was a 'high roller' bonus or something which offered a $150 bonus on a $500 deposit.

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