Cant get my username from Diamond Club Casino


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Mar 26, 2006
I played Diamond Club Casino and now have aprox 200$ on my account. I lost my username to the casino because I formated my computer witout saving my username.

When I write the support from my registrered e-mail they dont respond. I have tried to write them from another email without giving them any personal information - 2 hours later I got a mail from them. When I told them about my full name and my registrered email they did not reply.

I have figured out that they want me to give up. I have tried to call them, but cant get through... What do I do???

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Did you include all your personal information in the email from your registered email address? It's easy to spoof an email, so I can understand (though it's not right) their lack of response. I've come across this a couple of times at different casinos/poker rooms, and when I've emailed them, I always include complete contact information as well as maybe the last 4# of the account number of the method I've used to deposit. Never had any problems...
Diamond club casino have the most non-existent support of any casino i have ever tried. Live help is a joke, and if you phone - they just pass you around and then put the phone down on you, so you can start the fun again.

I had an issue with them where they owed me £1800 and for 4 months they would refuse to speak to me. In the end i spoke to Totesports VIP manger (where obviously im a VIP) and asked her to contact playtech directly for me. Of course i promised not to play at any more shabby playtech's like these and spend more time with a great casino like Totesport.

The result....

Within an hour of my email to her i had a call from Diamond Club offering to pay me immediately - which they did.

I know Caruso has a very good list of the good and bad playtech's on this site. I'd definately take a look at his list,and i would recommend Totesport if you're looking for a playtech home! :)

Good luck! :)
Well.... I have now received my username from Diamond Club Casino after threatening them by stating that I would report them to within 24 hours if they didnt reply. It worked!

I thought everything was fine now, but soon I realized that my password had been locked and I couldnt reset it. Now they are not replying to my mails about my password....

PLUS... When I got my mail they stated that I had to wager another 199 before I could withdraw. I am 100% sure that I forfilled the original wager requirements of 10 x bonus of 50 (500) by playing Cyberstud.

Not the best experience!

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