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Apr 27, 2006
washington, D.C.
Hi everyone:
For the past few days I have been unable to get into Platnum Play, a Fortune Lounge MG casino. What happens is when I hit button to enter act.# & password an error message appers "unable to establish connection to casino server".Casino support had me change passwords; nothing. It seems thy are totaly clueless. I remember reading about other members having similar problems getting into MG casinos. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks

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Due to the new upgrade of Viper I'm thinking that that the software suite is sucking all your internet resources to install the new games.

I found the samething over at 7Sultans today.

1.5Mbit adsl and still issues, so I just let it go, came back in 1/2 hour and I logged in with no hassle.

It seems that the software places a higher priority on the new content, rather than that of client login.
So much similar problems with log onto MG casinos.

My solution is try their flash mode instead of download the software.
of course, you need to sign in a flash account too.
Common MG Problem

This is a big problem with MG around the time of new game releases.
One thing that really DOES NOT HELP (Reps take note) is having a fancy animated "message of the day" pop-up launch at login. The conflict for bandwidth is just too great to allow the login to be processed before a timeout. Standard setup is to allow TWO simultaneous connections at a time, and an updating MG casino tries to open more (Upgrade server, viper lobby page, viper message of the day pop-up, and login validation). Even fast internet connections make no difference to this, although a fast PC with a gaming graphics card should help (not that I have this:mad: ). There is a "tweak" that can be applied to allow more than two simultaneous internet channels to be open, but it would only benefit those with broadband and a faster PC. I have this tweak, but my PC is too slow to see any real benefit.

The problem is probably in the programming, with the upgrade being allocated the standard thread priority along with game play. I also find that just leaving it alone does not help as it seems to need play to trigger the upgrade. I have also found out why this month has been a particular nuisance, many of the OLD games have been updated, and even after the new ones seem all there, my casinos spend the next hour or more replacing files on some of the older games. I have caught them at it, looking at the game menu I see old games suddenly going "red" with the installation bar and reinstalling.

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