24 hours with N1 Casino And Closing Account Due to Cancelled Withdrawal


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Jun 10, 2021
New Zealand
So, I joined N1 Casino last night to enjoy some play with a casino that's been highly recommended by CM. Deposited $44 and didn't realize they had locked me into their 100% deposit match bonus. Didn't worry me much however, I was immediately restricted from playing any of my favourite live games. Realizing they were going to be happy with me playing that balance down to zero I ensured my next deposit was not paired with a bonus. Long story short, deposited $94 all up and you can see from the pic here that I came out with $122 after playing. Attempted withdraw and was refused. Immediately requested via email that I contact customer support. This was their response when I asked to close my account. Apparently they have closed the account but believe they can hold onto those funds. New customer, less than 24 hours and already starting with the stalling tactics. So done.


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correct me if im wrong you open account yesterday ?
ask for withdrawal today but you think they are stalling because they ask for documents for verifying ?
thats just a common practise you need to verify your self before a payout can be done :)
This reads as if someone does not understand how online casinos work with those things. It´s common as The Viking mentioned already. Just walk through the kyc and things will be allright. I was long time customer there and i always got my money.
N1 Casino is an Accredited Casino at Casinomeister

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