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Not really a nice way to join the forum but here I go.

I received a promo email from Bwin for the instant play casino. I play the the requirement etc adhering to the T & C's. when I finish the requirement my bonus is not credited to withdrawable.

I contact CS who say I have only wagered 1489 of the 4000 required (that's <40%) Note: the software does not have anywhere you can track wagers and there is no history of play.

I dispute this and request that I be sent a history of my gameplay. I get refused saying that for technical and practical reasons it is not possible to do this. So I request the first and last page of what they tell me is a 43 page history. I receive this very promptly. Going by the information on these pages it is obvious to see that something is wrong as 43 pages at the betting rate I was playing would clear the requirement sufficiently.

After re-requesting this information and speaking to CS twice on the phone I have been told that what they tell me is correct, they will not send me the info ( even though it states on the site under the e-commerce section that I am entitled to it, although they say this means ONLY individual bets and not all bets ), they have checked it with their experts and it is correct and that they consider the matter closed.

What has annoyed me is that all I ask for is proof, if they are so sure they are correct then send the info I requested, that would've been the first thing I would do to shut someone up. Plus the fact that I know it is not correct as I kept my own records.

Is anyone else experiencing anything similar here?, as I am told I am the only one.

Have contacted the casino manager through here, will see if I get a reply


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I am the casino manager of bwin, and you already got a reply to your PM before you published this post (this is why I think your post is a bit unfair, but very likely it is just a misunderstanding).

You should also have got an email with all your transactions from our customer support, and your bonus was released and automatically converted into real money on 12.04.2007

there cumulated several issues like a technical problem with your account and a communication problem between me and our customer support and I completely agree that it took too long to get back to you. we are working hard to improve our service and we really want our customers to be satisfied and happy customers.

please give us a fair chance to prove that.

best regards



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I apologise if I was a bit hasty with the post, but when I logged in to write it, I had no PM's, anyway, just to say thanks for sorting this out for me,