bonus wagering requirements ?? WTF?


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May 24, 2004
Orange County, CA
Ok, i'm trying really hard to find a decent casino to play at with a fairly small bank roll (less than $100).

The problem is- bonus wagering requirements suck! Many of the casinos have 4x,10x,16x wagering requirements for the deposit amount PLUS the bonus amount or else the bonus AND winnings are lost.

It would seem fair to me that the bonus amount would be lost, but the winnings too? This doesn't seem right!

(i'm talking about golden palace, club dice, and many many others)

It's more than fair. Bonus money are extra and as such you need to risk your bankroll with the wager requirement in order to obtain it. A knowledged player can make decent bucks with each bonus deal.
Of course, you can always deny bonus so you don't have to fullfill any wager requirement.
BTW, the bonus with club dice and golden club are "sticky", ie, you can only play with it but you can never cashin the bonus. Make sure you understand their terms before claiming any bonus at all.

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