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Apr 17, 2005
Well been browsing a few forums, and ran into a casino that already has some problems. Well they turned around and brought out a new promotion where you can claim $200 free with a coupon (hint) with 20X playthrough with $200 max cash out. Some of you may know what casino I am talking about, I recall 3 complaints of this casino in the last month, I have a feeling meisters PAB will be full to capacity pretty soon.

I found the terms and conditions of the coupon and support told me, all winnings will be paid via citadel only. I will gaurentee you not one of these players will be paid....

Edit: Forgot to mention, how can a move like this be good for business? Do they actually see profit in the stunt???
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I know which one you talking about. I also wondered how on earth they could come up with a ND $200 coupon with 20x playthrough. It's a pity I busted out on that but I will stick my head out and bet that they will pay if you follow their terms to the letter. However, I do think that this act (ND$200) will bring more harm than benefits and is not exactly a clever marketing ploy unless its the launch of a brand new casino.
I see how it brings people to the casino yes, but a lot of chatter in the forum now is how they are not paying and squirming there way out of it. That can not be good for the casino..
Heck, I am grateful that they released the codes, it saved me money since i was thinking of making a deposit there and take their bonus until I found the coupon. I had the worst run of my life in Let em ride and busted out on 5 dollars a hand. Drives ya nuts watching over 20 hands straight come through without a winner but that is my luck lol.

Oh and yes I am sure we are going to see several people screaming in here since when I asked the CS during a live chat what the excluded games were they told me just BINGO and POKER. I find that one hard to believe so I didn't even go near any of the "usual" excluded games.
As I understand it, you are only supposed to use the 200 code(s) if your last transaction was a deposit and not a free chip. Violate that rule and you can't cashout regardless if you make WR's.
Swampwitch, heck, I am not sure if anyone even their support knows the T&C's for those $200 codes. from one of the sites I saw the code they listed this

"Terms & Conditions:
- 20 times play through, 40 for Blackjack and variants free chip for NEW PLAYERS ONLY or Active players with a deposit as last transaction. (No Two free chips in a row)
- You can cash out up to $200. Winnings will be paid using Citadel Check ONLY
- All games allowed, except even money offsetting bets IE. Red and black at craps
- For more information please contact customer support at any time"

granted as I posted earlier when I asked the casino customer service in a live chat session they told me only Bingo and Poker were excluded and I was laughing, who the heck excludes Bingo from anything lol. :).

Isn't Citadel only available to US Residents?
The very ones who are not supposed to be playing online according to the senators?

They are going to find it easy to deny a few payouts, like those who cannot use Citadel in the first place!
If my suspiciouns on WHICH casino this is is correct you should try to contact support. I did after signing up for this super chip after making a new account and the system told me I had already redeemed it. Pretty impossible if you ask me. Anyways, back to the support. The form does not work and if you try to go direct to the email you are in for a big surprised :eek:

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