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Mar 5, 2006
First night on Bodog, had a decent night and wish to get my winnings. Made the initial deposit via eWalletXpress. I was unaware that i would have to withdraw back to them also, I much more prefer Neteller. Has anyone had any success getting Bodog to mail a check for winnings or allow you to withdraw via another method such as Neteller?

The good folks in customer service overr at Bodog helped to explain things to me. I will only need to withdraw back to eWalletXpress what I initially deposited, the rest I can withdraw via another method. Now for my next question, does anyone know approximately how long it takes Bodog to payout to eWalletXpress and/or Neteller? Sorry if this has been asked before, I am somewhat of a Newbie. Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
Much current interest in the sportsbook communities over the arrest of the Bodog owner for apparently running an "illegal" poker game at his home.
I just signed up at BoDog today. I made my deposit via Neteller, tripled my money and cashed out. I had my money back in my neteller in two hours and the best part is I didn't have to fax them back anything.
I recently signed up at bodog. And I made a 45 deposit and cashed out at 560. I could have cashed out at 900 but I played more on it till I Was at 560. I cashed out early sun. morning had it in my e-wallet xpress account first thing monday morning ( today). I have had no problems with them. I have made a few more deposits ...but didn't really hit anything. I guess it was just first time luck. :)
mac~I just played the video slots...cleo...ronin. I also was betting 1-2 dollars a spin. And then after I got to 4-500 I bet 5 a spin. But it goes quick betting 5 a dollar a spin. I usually just bet 2 a spin. But After I first played there I made about 4 more deposist and hit NOTHING. And it went fast. Like I said I guess it was first timers luck. Because it went stone cold. I wonder to if it has anything to do with the day you play. I would guess not.
I was mostly playing VP, Pick Em actually. They have full pay Pick Em. I also hit a couple 4ofkinds playing BP.
I started with a $40 deposit, ended with $1026. Played slots only. I have had no wins since then (last Thur night). I will keep playing there for a bit since I have received good service. Received email from them today with Fedex tracking#, my check was delivered!! :D
Top Notch, as always.... I just got paid my withdrawal to Neteller within a couple minutes.

This good stuff can not be praised enough in nowadays world of online gaming!

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