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Aug 4, 2001
This is not about Windows Casino, I could not find how to make a new thread ( pretty dumb) any way this is about Blast21 RTG and BetMax casino that is Blast 21 sister casino.

Blast 21 ran a promo for new players for a free 21.00 ND and the max you could cash out after play threw is 100.00 well I played it through way over had it up to 975.00 at one time.
Now that I am cashing out the 100.00 and sent them all the Documents they ask for Driver Lic and a Bill I keep getting emails back from them saying they can see my sig on Driver Lic ( I am not the only one getting these emails stating this) this has went on for 3 days now after making new scans zooming in , yesterday I resigned my driver lic sent them my olkd one too, plus my fishing lic with my address and sig, plus my AAA auto card and my Blood card with blood type lol

I noticed this casino was not listed in the bad casino section , have you heard of this casino before or anything bad about it ?


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Nov 5, 2001
Cannot start a new thread from within another.Must be at the index to each forum and check bottom left.

No RTG's are worth the hassle it seems.Even free money.

Blast have had bad reports and Bryan has stopped chasing up RTG complaints.


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Jun 30, 1998
Damn! I forgot to hit "post message" instead of "preview". Anyway, what I posted earlier was that Blast21 had a bad rap sheet mainly from being associated with the Casino Extreme/Casino Heat gang when it was being run by Mr. X - Warren Cloud. There are a number of articles that cover some of this in our news section Unfortunately, the search tool is not functioning for some obscure reason thus you must search by hand. :(

I would go ahead and send the stool sample.

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