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Jun 12, 2006
Hi all
I have started playing blackjack switch and am not doing to bad (at the moment lol) i was wondering if anyone knows the normal house edge on this game and if there are strategies and money managment out there for it
I'm not sure what you mean by money management, since it's a negative house edge game... just play the lowest stakes you can to still get a kick out of it. ;-)

For strategy and house edge and such, see here:
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Fun game, but a bit too much to remember for me while I'm having fun :)


Even if its the Black Jack game out there with best chance of proffiting, its still black jack. The game made from the deepest part of hell. JAJAJA

You will see that in several Playtech Casinos this game will be invalid for any type of bonus you receive... There is a reason for this and not difficult to know why. Its just easy to win if you are a good and relaxed player.

Dont go crazy playing $50 a hand and stuff like that...
your right

thanks watchdog
your right BJ is a cruel game i think if you can keep your cool with it than you must be more than fonz cool, i play low bets but when frustrated sometimes get a bit frustrated i bet high and of coarse pay the penalty but i am working on that, thanks for your advice

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