Big Win huh?(meaningless rant)


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I love me a big win. Even nowadays when 25x will constitute one. But twainst your bet? C'mon man :p

Oh well, guess I'll just hit a few more and retire.



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Haha, I know what you mean :lolup:

Luckily atleast Microgaming has been going into the right direction with these light shows - I haven't pinpointed the xbet amount on Jurassic Park but it has a pretty high limit compared to many others (around 30xbet would be my guess).

Personally I'd be fine with a limit set as high as 50xbet or 100xbet as a big win. Then follow into the mega-super-awesome-impossible wins :cool:


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Having been on a major task lately of going through hundreds of games by all different providers, there seems to be a big variation. RTG are the lowest, WMS usually start at 20x. MG at 10x on their 9-liners and >15 on their 243-way or 20+ liners.
Netbent are usually 20x but have stages like 'mega' at 50 and 'super mega' at 100 - this idea has been copied by MG on their latter releases like the Dark Night, Playboy and untamed 243-way'ers. WMS are the same as Netbent. Oddly some games like (S)Hitman just count the win up even if very big with no bells and whistles.
The Bally and WMS 5x4 multiline games plus some Novo/Aristocrap ones simply change the screen and have a visual display of coins and music while they count. IGT ones have fireworks which I quite like at 20x +.
Most can be by-passed by clicking anywhere on the slot screen.
But clearly the example on here at 2x stake is silly, and it seems that it's done by actual win 'value' i.e. at 25c stake it would be a biggish win, but the slots clearly don't relate it to multiple x stake like most others. Bizarre.


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2x is utterly ridiculous to be depicted as a big win but +20-25x bet is quite big. Think of it this way if you were to place a sports wager and it came in 25/1 would you not be happy? I once won £30 on a golf bet I placed bet was 50p(last in my ladbrokes account) golfer placed first and won so I won for place and for him winning it :)