Beware - Pirate/fake MG games


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Oct 17, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
Hi all

Being from Australia obviously we miss MG games and all of them usually give you the popup that they have detected you are connecting from a region where it is not allowed etc.

Had a spam email from this casino and when checking their site MG games appeared which is strange since most multi platform casinos hide them if they detect an Australian IP.

I thought I would click on demo mode just to see if it loads for a laugh and of course it did but I noticed it connecting to which previous threads have shown to be hosting fake games from other providers.

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That's the link but now that I have found this casino to be using them everyone should be careful at any non reputable casinos because now there's even MG games that have been successfully stolen/pirated.
LMAO, so much "truth" on their site, yet offering fake games. :D :D :laugh:

Casino name Pravda = Truth (in English)
License from Curacao by a company called TruthfulGames

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Bent as a BAFTA awards ceremony.

The server is for these 'microgaming' slots whereas the legit one is

When playing a true MG slot in demo you'd have a some 'achievements' filled in randomly whereas here they're all blank.

Other than that they are pretty convincing.

Site is full of errors, including duplicate T&C's links at the bottom.

Lets you sign up from the UK too.
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From experience the MG casinos used to alternate between either or at least for us Australian players before the law blocked us out.

Not sure what the difference is but the majority of time it felt like I seemed to have more luck when it used gameassists rather than servers.

Either way this casino uses only the pirate servers lol

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