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Feb 4, 2012
seems to be the rep They were online about a week ago.

They were accredited here at one point but they were removed and put into reservation for terribly slow payments

I used to play here alot because of the great bonuses and low wager requirements when playing BJ. They won't allow me to use bonuses anymore after a few big wins of $10,000 - $40,000 [though I never actually got the money as I went back one too many times, and eventually lost it). I can substantiate the slowwwww payments here. I'm from USA and the ACH payout would take around 14 days total to be in my bank. They also do not honor the payment amount requested. For example, I think the max is $2500/weekly. They usually break that up and end up paying only a fraction of it. So you never really know what you will get if your payout reaches $2500. They did this to me many times explaining processor problems? They never have problems taking my money, but when I make a payouy I run into many roadblocks. Beware

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