Betti Casino, be very very suspicious


Jun 6, 2024
Another casino site to be very very suspicious about is Betti casino i have had a lot of trouble with this site making deposits up to £100 and getting nothing back in return game's seem to be fixed so you don't get scatter or bonus for free spins and the customer support agents are a waste of space and don't help in any way whatsoever ridiculous and they blame you for everything and say that you have a gambling issue even though you explain to them in plain English about other legitimate casino sites taking your deposit and they have the same casino slots as Betti casino but you actually win money and get free spins etc and they don't take everything you win straight back from you because there terms and conditions and fairness and rules and regulations actually mean what they say unlike Betti casino sites terms conditions rules and regulations and fairness are because Betti casinos are a load of bullshit

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